Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Cheats & Codes

Secret Created Skaters

Enter one of the names listed below to create a pre-made secret skater:
Aaron Skillman
Adam Lippman
Andrew Skates
Andy Marchal
Atiba Jefferson
Ben Scott Pye
Big Tex
Brian Jennings
Captain Liberty
Chauwa Steel
Chris Peacock
Dave Stohl
Fakes The Clown
Gary Jesdanun
Henry Ji
Jason Uyeda
Jim Jagger
Joe Favazza
John Rosser
Kevin Mulhall
Lindsey Hayes
Lisa G Davies
Little Man
Marilena Rixfor
Mat Hoffman
Matt Mcpherson
Maya's Daddy
Meek West
Mike Day
Mike Lashever
Mike Ward
Mr. Brad
Nolan Nelson
Parking Guy
Pete Day
Rick Thorne
Stacey D
Stacey Ytuarte
Stealing Is Bad
Team Chicken
Ted Barber
Todd Wahoske
Top Bloke
Zac ZiG Drake

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Pro Challenge

Get all goals in a level. Note: This must be done before any of the buyable cheats can be used for that skater.

Pro Skater Animations

Win the Pro Objective for that skater.

Moon Physics

Spend $40 at the skate shop.

Jet Pack Mode

Spend $40 at the skate shop. Press B to fly up, A to move right, L to move left, and R to hover.

Matrix Mode

Spend $40 at the skate shop.

Alternate Outfit

Spend $40 at the skate shop.

Perfect Rail Balance

Spend $240 at the skate shop

Stud Mode

Spend $240 at the skate shop.

Always Special

Spend $240 at the skate shop.

Glitch: Alcatraz: Froggy Dance

Do a "Mr. Business" going left. When you are close to the end of the roof, ollie, then hold Down + Grind. When you ollie, go towards the end of the roof. When you start grinding the very end point of the roof, hold Ollie + Down + Grind. If done correctly, the skater you chose should be hopping back and forth like a frog as long as those buttons are held. To exit, release Ollie.

Perfect Manual Balance

Spend $240 at the skate shop.

Unlock Hidden Level: The Zone

Collect all 90 hidden packages to unlock The Zone.

Turbo Mode

Get all the gaps on each level except The Zone to unlock the Turbo option.

Hidden Skater

Complete the Pro Challenges to unlock Mindy, Frycook, Momo and Roger.

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