Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Cheats & Codes

All Rigger Pieces

Enter "IMGONNABUILD" to get all rigger pieces.

Perfect Manual Balance

Enter "STILLAINTFALLIN" to get perfect manual balance.



Get Mad Dog

Enter "RABBIES" to get Mad Dog.

Get Eric

Enter "FLYAWAY" to get Eric.

Get El Patinador

Enter "PILEDRIVER" to get El Patinador.

Get Eddie X.

Enter "SKETCHY" to get Eddie X.

Get Cooper

Enter "THECOOP" to get Cooper.

Get Cam

Enter "NOTACAMERA" to get Cam.

Get Bosco

Enter "MOREMILK" for Bosco.



Get Mel

Enter "NOTADUDE" to get Mel.


Enter "LOOKSSMELLY" to get Rube.

All Game Movies

Enter "WATCHTHIS" to get All Game Movies.

All Lounge Bling Items

Enter "SWEETSTUFF" to get All Lounge Bling Items.

All Lounge Themes

Enter "LAIDBACKLOUNGE" to get all the tongue themes.

All Video Editor Effects

Enter "TRIPPY" to get all video editor effects.

All Video Editor Overlays

Enter "PUTEMONTOP" to get all the video editor overlays.

Full Stats

Enter "BEEFEDUP" to get full stats.

Perfect Rail Balance

Enter "AINTFALLIN" to get perfect rail balance.

Unlock Air & Space Museum

Enter "THEINDOORPARK" to unlock air & space museum.

Unlock FDR

Enter "THEPREZPARK" to unlock FDR.

Unlock Lansdowne

Enter "THELOCALPARK" to unlock lansdowne.

All Fun Items

Enter "OVERTHETOP" to get All Fun Items.

All Decks

Enter "LETSGOSKATE" to get All Decks.

All CAS Items

Enter "GIVEMESTUFF" to get All CAS Items.

50 Extra Skill Points

Enter "NEEDSHELP" to get 50 Extra Skill Points.

TV Producer

Enter "SHAKER" to get TV Producer.


Enter "DAPPER" to get Spence.


Enter "MOVERS" to get Shayne.

Mini Skater

Select "cheatcodes" at game play menu, then enter TINYTATER as a code.

All Specials

Enter "LOTSOFTRICKS" for all specials.

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Action Movie-Like Motion

If you find a wall thing that you can break through, pick up your speed, ollie before you hit it (but late enough to be able to hit it! ) and enter Nail-The-Trick mode. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the action!

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