Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Cheats & Codes

All Players

At cheat codes option type accesspass.

Play As Natas Kaupas

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "oldskool" as a code to unlock Natas Kaupas. Alternatively, successfully complete classic mode on the sick difficulty setting.

Infinite Rail Balance

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "straightedge" as a code.

All Movies

Go to menu then cheat codes and type frontrowseat.

Multi-player Mode

Enter HANDSHAKE at the cheats screen.

Unlock All Movies

Type "frontrowseat" at the cheat code screen to unlock all movies.

Unlock Nigel Beaverhousen

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "sellout" as a code to unlock Nigel Beaverhousen.

Pre-Made Skaters

Go to create a skater and change the name to one of the following entries. The character will change into the corresponding skater:
Sorry! (ZiG) 
Sheckla (Ryan Sheckler) 
Boon (Boond) 
O.D. (Officer Dick) 
dude TRevor 
derfunkel (Danny Way) 

Skate Using Pauly (Wheelchair Guy)

To skate with Pauly in the game, type 4wheeler in at the Cheats screen.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

See Car Models From THUG

Go to the Los Angeles level and get onto the highway WITHOUT setting off the earthquake first. Once there you can see some car models from the original THUG, such as that green car you drove in New Jersey and the limo you drove in another level.

Ben Franklin In Boston

Go to the statehouse (the building with the two statues). Go on the right side, where there is a ramp on the building. Go up the ramp and break the glass. You will now be inside the building. Ben Franklin will be in there. Follow him and you will complete the goal, as well as unlock him in any mode.

The Star Wars Kid In Boston

From the starting point, turn right and go to the apartments just before the construction site. Using the quarter pipe on the right side, jump through the window into the room above. You will see the Star Wars Kid and can have him show you his moves.

Man Trying To Levitate A Goat In Boston

Go to where the Star Wars Kid is found, but on the other side. When you enter the area the Star Wars Kid should be on your left. A person on the right will be trying to levitate a goat.

Destroy The Construction Building In Boston

Light your board on firem then grind on both cannons. An intermission sequence showing the building being destroyed will begin.

Created Skater Specials

Beaver Blast: Press Left, Right, X. 
Entertainer Manual: Press Up, Down, Y. 
Frakiln Grind: Press Down, Up, Y. 
One Wheel Manual: Press Down, Up, Y. 
Shark: Press Up, Down, Y. 

Hidden Areas In Pro Skater

First unlock the Pro Skater level by completing story mode. Then go to free skate. Play around in the level until you get into the large bowl-like area where the aliens are meditating. On one of the walkways in that area, there is an alien that will tell you to activate the red walls on either side of the walkway. They are slightly below eye level. Sticker plant them to activate them. Once both are activated, an intermission sequence showing a gateway opening to the Aztec Temple will appear. Enter the portal and talk to some of the Aztecs. One will tell you not to grind the ropes holding up the giant monkey statue. Grind the ropes, and a secret area in the temple will be unlocked. Another Aztec will tell you that if you paint the five monkey statues, the gods will become angry and you will be sentenced to burn in Hell. Paint the statues and enter the portal that appears. In the back of Hell towards the giant demon face, there is a demon midget. He will tell you to liptrick on the broken ribs on the side of the walkway. The ribs will fall to make two new ramps. Use the ramps and the rail attached to them to sticker plant the Satanic Pentagram symbols. In each of the three areas, there is a portal to both of the other areas -- you just have to find them. Note: Once you quit the level, the open areas will close again. Also, when you reach the hell secret area, jump down the hole in front of you. Get off your board, then walk up to a corner on a ramp. You should be pushed toward the lava and walk on it. You will not be killed. You can look at the monster or walk down the hall with the hands toward a fire wall.

Play As Steve-O

Successfully complete classic mode on the normal difficulty setting to unlock Steve-O. Alternatively, after you complete all the goals for the first level or get the correct amount of points, you will see an FMV sequence where Bam will eliminate Burnquest from Tony's team. Afterwards when you get to Spain, Steve-O will send you a text message saying that he wants to be on your team. You can now play as him. He rides a mechanical bull which operates as follows:
Jump: Press A 
Bull Flip: Press X + D-pad 
Grind: Press Y (when near rail) 
Yee Haw Grab: Press B + D-pad

Star Wars Kid

Successfully complete story mode on the easy difficulty setting to unlock the Star Wars Kid.

Play As Nigel

Successfully complete story mode on the sick difficulty setting to unlock Nigel.

Play As Matador

Successfully complete the Barcelona level in story mode to unlock Matador.

Play As Jester

Successfully complete the New Orleans level in story mode to unlock Jester.

Play As Jesse James

Successfully complete classic mode on the sick difficulty setting to unlock Jesse James. Alternatively, walk around the first level (not the training level) and you will find someone by a building who wants a drink. He will tell you to go downstairs to a bar next to him. When you get down there, Jesse James will talk to you.

Play As Imp

Successfully complete classic mode on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the Imp from the Pro Skater level.

Play As Graffiti Tagger

Successfully complete the Berlin level in story mode to unlock a Graffiti Tagger.

Play As Call Of Duty Soldier

Successfully complete story mode on the sick difficulty setting to unlock a Call Of Duty soldier.

Play As Ben Franklin

Successfully complete the Boston level in story mode to unlock Ben Franklin.

Cheat Mode

Unlock all levels in classic mode, then clear all the gaps in all fifteen levels. All the cheat options will now appear in the cheats menu on the game options screen, and can be toggled on or off as desired.

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