Top Gun Cheats & Codes

Unlock All Levels And Planes!!!!!

Click on START, then click on NEW, then click on EASY/MEDIUM/HARD, then in the ENTER CALLSIGN box enter the following code name * SHPONGLE * , then when you hit the X symbol botton to SAVE the code select NO!!!! If you have done this correctly this cheat code will give you every plane and will unlock all levels and all QUICKSTART locations!!!!!!!

Top Gun Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Barrel Role Take Down

To easily take down an enemy plane, go up to about 8,000 above it and then role over and dive down and lock on. Fire your missle and go on to the next.

Easier Way To Kill Bombers

When you are in the warzone you have to take down a few of bombers and they have heavy fire and you can rack up some damage (which you don't want). So come up behind the bombers and you will have less fire to worry about.

Bonus Points

After you beat the game, in order to unlock the planes with the Silver, Bronze, and Gold stars you must go through the missions again and beat your old score. To get better bonus points, flying low to the ground ,"Hot Dogging", and close calls can easily rack up the points alot faster. You can also get better points by making more accurate gun shots with ground forces or boggies.

Anti-aircraft Guns

Flying close to the ground causes the anti-aircraft guns to overshoot your plane. They cannot fire below a certain point due to the risk of hitting their own men.


On all levels that contain multiple aircraft bogies, the best solution is to wipe out all aircraft by flying low to the ground, then pulling up on the stick to get a missile lock to destroy them. Take one bogie out at a time, then fly back close to the ground and start the process all over again.

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