Tradewinds: Legends Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

All Ships And Their Stats

===============Tradewinds Legends Ships===============

Here are all 7 ships' stats in the game. 

Name: Dhow
Maximum cargo load: 70
Maximum cannon load: 7
Health: 30
Type: Floating
Price: 5, 000 to 9, 000 dinari. 
Comments: This is the ship you start with. While weak, the enemy ships faced during start are also weak 
so battle should not be a problem. Use only 5 cannons instead of 7 if you want to trade using this ship, 
since each cannon takes up 10 cargo space. 
Name: Junk
Maximum cargo load: 125
Maximum cannon load: 12
Health: 60
Price: 11, 000 to 20, 000 dinari. 
Type: Floating
Comments: Once you have played for a little bit, this ship will start appearing in shipyards. While more
 expensive than the first ship, it carries higher stats. Like the first ship, do not put the maximum amount 
of cannons if you plan on trading. 
Name: Galley
Maximum cargo load: 200
Maximum cannon load: 15
Health: 100
Price: 25, 000 to 50, 000 dinari
Type: Floating
Comments: Enemy ships at this point get tougher, and its why you will be introduced to this in the 
shipyards. Unlike the first 2 ships, you can have the max amount of cannons without making your 
cargo space quite limited. A good balance of cargo and firepower. 
Name: Caravel
Maximum cargo load: 250
Maximum cannon load: 17
Health: 200
Price: 100, 000 to 130, 000 dinari
Type: Floating
Comments: Though a very large price jump, this ship can have slightly more cannons than a Galley 
and has high cargo space and hitpoints for when enemies get tough and when you start trading 
70 crates or more of a certain kind of merchandise. 
Name: Dirigible
Maximum cargo load: 100
Maximum cannon load: 10
Health: 100
Price: 100, 000 to 150, 000. (In the "Unlikely Heroes" edition, it is priced at 200, 000 dinari. )
Type: Flying
Comments: Despite being expensive and being the first flying ship, it has lower stats than most of the 
ships and is the enemy's version of the galley due to its lack of need for an enemy galley anyway. 
However, it does have more hitpoints than a Junk, but for trading, do not put the maximum 10 cannons 
on. Use 8, to balance combat and trade. 
Name: Viminas
Maximum cargo load: 500
Maximum cannon load: 17
Health: 150
Price: 200, 000 to 300, 000 dinari
Type: Flying
Comments: Apart from its lower health, this flying ship shares many stats with Caravel, but is more 
mobile due to being a flying ship. It has the highest max cargo of any ship in the game, making it 
worthwhile for heavy traders. It is a large step up from the Dirigible. 
Name: Dragon Ship
Maximum cargo load: 400
Maximum cannon load: 20
Health: 400
Price: 400, 000 to 450, 000 dinari
Type: Flying
Comments: It is the most expensive ship, but can quite prove worthwhile for those who engage combat 
many times. It has the most hitpoints, and maximum cannon amount, of any ship. It can also prove great 
for trading due to a lot of cargo room. It however only appears if all 10 kingdoms in the game are 
unlocked, and is quite rare unless you go to inland ports.