Transformers: Decepticons Cheats & Codes


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Transformers: Decepticons Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


To get the RECON COPTER you must have full life and level four on threat level then try to scan the copter that shoots the same cannons that the tanks shoot if all fails stand on a building where the copter can't shoot you then scan it.

Defeat Starscream (final Showdown)

To defeat starscream in final showdown whack him on the back when he is holding the alspark. Keep doing this until he drops the allspark, then whack him with the allspark. Megatron will come and you have to chase starscream around the city until he dies.

How To Do A Slide

First you have to unlock the boost. Then when you are driving you press the boost button while pressing A. You use the control pad and use left or right and that is the slide direction you will go.

Get Back Health And Lose Police

If your low on health and have too many cops to handle, pause the game and go to change your vehicle, then hit B and you should be back in the game and have 100% health and no cops.

Transformers: Decepticons Unlockables & Awards

Get A Jet

There are two ways. The first way is by getting 1100 wifi points in allspark wars. Or going to target a getting some sample and you will get it.

Unlock More Vehicles

Play Allspark Wars to unlock more vehicles.

Construction Truck

You can get the construction truck by beating the game.

Unlock New Vehicles

If you want new vehicles just transform into a robot, then tap a circle on the top right of your bottom screen and get a car in view. Wait until the percentage hits 100, and if it says "Previously Scanned" that means you already scanned it. If if it says "No Result," that means you're not allowed to scan it. If it says a vehicle's name (eg. Flame Truck Unlocked), that means you have unlocked a new vehicle.

Love Mobile

Play Allspark Wars and get 150 wi-fi tokens to unlock the love mobile.