Transformers: War for Cybertron Unlockables & Awards


  • Action Master : Get 10 kills with a single detached turret in any mode.
  • Targetmaster! : Kill 2 Snipers in 5 seconds in Campaign.
  • Dark Awakening : Complete Dark Energon on any difficulty.
  • There Are Parts Everywhere : Multi-Kill 3 car soldiers at once using an explosive weapon in Campaign or Escalation.
  • Starscream's Brigade : Complete Fuel of War on any difficulty.
  • That's No Mirage : Headshot a Cloaker when it is invisible in Campaign or Escalation.
  • Fire in the Sky : Melee-kill a Jet Vehicle in the air in Campaign or Escalation.
  • The Fall of Iacon : Complete Iacon Destroyed on any difficulty.
  • Thief in the Night : Find and disable all security trip-wire switches in Fuel of War.
  • A Prime Problem : Complete Defend Iacon on any difficulty.
  • Footloose and Fancy Free : Destroy a Jet Soldier's foot thruster 5 times in Campaign or Escalation.
  • Brute-a-kiss! : Ignite a Brute's back 5 times in Campaign or Escalation.
  • Decepticon Seeker : Decepticon Campaign Complete (Medium).
  • Decepticon Grunt : Decepticon Campaign Complete (Easy).
  • Victory is Mine : Complete The Final Guardian on any difficulty.
  • You Got Spark, Kid : Reach level 5 in any single class in Multiplayer.
  • The Secret of Omega Supreme : Complete Death of Hope on any difficulty.
  • The Last Prime : Complete Kaon Prison Break on any difficulty.
  • More Than Meets the Eye : Earn a 1st Place MVP award in any Multiplayer mode.
  • Unlikely Allies : Finish any level in Competitive Co-Op.
  • Your Lucky Day : Kill all but 1 of the neutral prisoners in Dark Energon.
  • Friends to the End : Finish any level in Co-Op.
  • Chaos Bringer : Destroy the planets in the Stellar Galleries in Iacon Destroyed.
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