Triple Play '97 Cheats & Codes

Hit a homerun

While in the batter's box, hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 and press Up(2), Triangle(2), Up(2), X(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime.

Mystery stadium

At the stadium selection screen, press L1, R1, L1, then hold R1 and press Start.

Super players

Enter the custom players option in the Manager screen. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive names for a player with super skills: Bruce McMillian Steve Rechstchattner Bill McCormick John Burk Kevin Loh Wendall Harlow Louise Read Dennis Hirsch Erik Kiss Jon Spencer Chris Johnson Eric Pauker Kevin Pickell Mark Gipson Mike Swanson Geoff Coates Edwin Gomes Tony Lee David Demorest Craig Hui Mike Sokyrka Frank Faugno Gary Lam Brent Neilsen Josh Holmes