Tropico 4 Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

  1. cheguevara: Triggers a Rebel attack
  2. civilwar: Trigger Uprising
  3. dinggratz: Maximum worker experience / instant institution graduation
  4. downwiththetyrant: Triggers a Rebel attack on rhe Palace
  5. elpollodiablo: Win instantly
  6. generalpenultimo: Triggers a Military Coup
  7. iamthestate: Unlock all edicts
  8. muchopesos: +100000 dollars
  9. nowhiskey: -20 US Relations
  10. novodka: -20 USSR Relations
  11. pachangasi: +10 Happiness Rating to all Tropicans
  12. speedygonzales: Instant construction
  13. trabajono: Unlock all missions
  14. twoheadedllama: +100 Tourism Rating
  15. vivala0: Trigger Random Submersive Activity
  16. vivala1: Trigger Assassination Attempt
  17. vivala2: Trigger Hostage Crisis
  18. vivala3: Trigger Bomb Threat
  19. vivala4: Trigger Worker Strike
  20. vivala5: Trigger Media Occcupation
  21. vodka: +20 USSR Relations
  22. whiskey: +20 US Relations

Tropico 4 Unlockables & Awards

Steam Achievements

  • Building Blues Unlock 20 Blueprints in a single mission
  • Competent Have Character Trait at level 5
  • Coup de Grace Suppress a Military Coup
  • Curse of the Llama Survive 10 disasters
  • Dictatorship for Dummies Finish all tutorial missions
  • Domestic Agenda Complete 10 Faction tasks in a single mission
  • Elitist Construct 1337 buildings
  • Expert Have all Character Traits at level 5
  • Filthy Rich Make $100 000 for your Swiss Bank account in a mission
  • Foreign Agenda Complete 10 Foreign tasks in a single mission
  • Foreign Cuisine Import 2 000 food
  • God Complex Finish a Sandbox game in God mode
  • Head for High Ground Survive a Tsunami with no human casualties
  • Heavy Traffic Construct at least 1000 meters of roads and 4 Garages
  • Homes for Everyone Have population of over 300 and no Shacks
  • IMPORTant business Import 10 000 resources
  • Instant Construction Issue the Quick-build command on 10 constructions
  • Iron Fist Suppress an uprising
  • It's a Trap! Kill 5 rebels at once with a trap in your Mausoleum
  • Kill Juanito Issue an Execution order on a citizen called Juanito
  • Made In China Distribute more than 1 000 Luxury Goods from a Shopping mall
  • Metropolis Construct 200 buildings on one island
  • Militarist Have more than 20 soldiers and generals in one game
  • Modern Agriculture Have no dry fields at the end of a Drought
  • Mona Llama Earn more than $30 000 from selling Tropican art in a Museum of Modern Art
  • National Agenda Complete 20 agenda tasks in a single mission
  • Nuclear Future Have a Nuclear Power Plant and a Nuclear Program built on your island
  • Old Faithful Survive 3 Volcanic eruptions in a single mission
  • On Top of the World Fulfill presidente's dreams for tropico
  • Paradise Island Earn $1 000 000 from tourism profits in a single game
  • Past and Present Have both a Dungeon and a Colonial Museum in the same mission
  • Prepared For Everything Buy all upgrades for a Weather Station
  • Scapegoat Escape the wrath of your opponents
  • Smells Like Chemistry Buy all upgrades for a Chemical Plant
  • Special Taxes Gain $15 000 for your Swiss account from a Customs Office
  • Specialist Have 3 character traits at level 5
  • The Full Monty Have a full Ministry cabinet
  • The Golf Balls Solution Clean an Oil Spill in less than 4 months
  • The Mastermind Find out who the Mastermind behind your downfall is
  • The Power of the Atom Generate 1 000 MW of electricity in a Nuclear Power Plant
  • The Rumors of my Death... Have one of your clones die instead of you during an assassination attempt
  • Theme Park Have a Roller Coaster near a Ferris Wheel and an Aqua park
  • Top Exporter Earn $1 000 000 from industry in a single game
  • Tornado Valley Survive a Tornado Outbreak with no human casualties
  • Tropican Fiesta Finish a game with overall Happines of your citizens above 70%
  • Tropico VS The World Make Tropico the best country on the planet
  • War on Crime Arrest 10 Criminals in a single mission
  • Year Of the Dragon Put out 10 buildings on fire in a single mission
  • You are Fired! Fire a Minister because of his gaffe
  • Your Lucky Day Hire an unemployed citizen as a Minister
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