Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Cheats & Codes

Password List

DVYLWKVYDG  	Easy Level 02
GRYLWKWVYC 	Easy Level 03
DRYLSRWVYL 	Easy Level 04
GVZLSRSQYY 	Easy Level 05
DVZLBVSQYZ 	Easy Level 06
GRZLBVBQYY 	Easy Level 07
DRZLBVBQYZ 	Easy Level 08
GVYNBVBQPK 	Easy Level 09
DLVTRKBBRD 	Bird Mode (press A, B, and Select to deactivate/activate bird mode)
DLVTRKBNRG 	Infinite Energy
DLVTRKBLVS 	Infinite Lives
DLVTRKBWPS 	Unlimited Ammo
DLVTRKBLVL 	Level Skip (press A, B, and Select then left or right)

Powerful Weapons

Enter "QVZLBVSQLV" as a password and play the game on the medium difficulty setting. Intentionally lose all lives, then re-enter the same password. Begin a new game on the easy difficulty setting, then intentionally lose all lives. Begin another new game on the easy difficulty setting, then collect the light burden. Your character will now possess the particle accelerator and the chain gun. Note: Collect the pistol on level 2 to get ammunition for the chain gun.

Bird Mode

Enter "DLVTRKBBRD" as a password. Then while playing game, hold Select and press A to fly.

All Weapons

Enter "DLVTRKBWPS" as a password.

Infinite Health

Enter "DLVTRKBNRG" as a password.

Infinite Lives

Enter "DLVTRKBLVS" as a password.

Level Select

Enter "DLVTRKBLVL" as a password.

Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Alternate End Sequence

When the enemy appears in level 9, press Down. After entering the tunnel, shoot the computer and destroy the incubator. Then an alternate ending sequence will begin.

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