Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the "Enter Cheat" screen. If you entered the 
code correctly, the cheat will be displayed on the screen. Then, select 
the "Cheats" option and set each enabled code as desired. All cheats entered 
can be saved after reaching a save point. 

Cheat		Code

Big cheat		Enter "BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND" as a code. 
		unlocks all cheats in the cheat menu and hundreds of 

Juan's cheat		Enter "HEEERESJUAN" as a code. This places Juan's 
face on 	
		all Life Tokens. The Gold Tokens stay the same size, 
but the 	
		Red Tokens are huge.

Zach attack cheat	Enter "AAHGOO" as a code. This places little baby 
Zach's face 
		on all Gold Tokens, and turns them from gold to blue.

Gouraud shading	Enter "WHATSATEXTUREMAP" as a code. This 
replaces all 	
		shading with basic, solid colors.

Frooty stripes	Enter "FROOTSTRIPE" as a code. This makes all 

Blackout mode	Enter "LIGHTSOUT" as a code. This makes all 
		very dark. 

Pen and ink mode	Enter "IGOTABFA" as a code. This will make the 
		black and white line art, similar to a sketchbook.

Stick man mode	Enter "HOLASTICKBOY" as a code. 

Big head mode	Enter "UBERNOODLE" as a code.

Big hands and feet	Enter "STOMPEM" as a code. 

Small enemy heads	Enter "PIPSQUEAK" as a code.

Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Enemies Flash Yellow

This little code will make one enemy flash yellow. Weapons Required: Tranqualizer, Nuke, and the Sunfire Pods. Step 1: Locate an enemy tha can be tranqualized. Step 2: Tranqualize it.As soon as it falls to the ground,charge up and fire the nuke. The Nuke energy ball must explode before the enemy recovers. Step 3:Wait one second,then toss a sunfire pod on/at him. Note: If done succesfully,than the enemy will not blow up but flash yellow once. Then, whenever the enemy either attacks or walks he will flash yellow.

Jump On Air

Fall off of something and press the jump button and you will jump on air.


Use the charge dart rifle to stun them, then pull out something with a bigger punch and kill them with it. This way works much easier because they can't fight back and knock you off the many edges in the level. Or use the scope on the plasma rifle and snipe them before they can shoot at you. On the bigger and smaller enemies, the flame thrower works well by itself too.

Two Players In Single Player Mode

Obtain the warp cheat for the desired level to be played. Then, enter the multi-player options and set the game to no time limit and no frag limit. Begin a regular multi-player match, then pause the game. Return to the cheat option to advance to the desired single player level. Resume the game to play with unlimited health, due to the no frag limit setting. Note: Portals can not be used when playing in this manner.

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