Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Cheats & Codes

Gameshark Codes

Japanese (NTSC) version
Have all keys:
8012FDE3 0007
8012FDE7 0007
8012FDEB 0007
8012FDEF 0007
8012FDF3 0007
8012FDF7 0007
8012FDFB 0007 

Unlimited Arrows:
8012FD7F 00FF 

Unlimited Chronoscepter Ammo:
8012FD93 00FF 

Unlimited Mini Gun Ammo:
8012FD83 00FF 

Unlimited Pistol/Rifle Ammo:
8012FD63 00FF 

Unlimited Quad Rocket Ammo:
8012FD8B 00FF 

Unlimited (Auto) Shotgun Ammo:
8012FD67 00FF 

Unlimited Fusion Cannon Ammo:
8012FD8F 00FF 

Unlimited Rifle/Alien/Particle Ammo:
8012FD6B 00FF 

Activate Pistol:
8012FDA7 0001 

Activate Shotgun:
8012FDAB 0001 

Activate Automatic Shotgun:
8012FDAF 0001 

Activate Assault Rifle:
8012FDB3 0001 

Activate Pulse Rifle:
8012FDB7 0001 

Activate Mini Gun:
8012FDBB 0001 

Activate Grenade Launcher:
8012FDBF 0001 

Activate Particle Accelerator:
8012FDC3 0001 

Activate Quad Rocket Launcher:
8012FDC7 0001 

Activate Alien Weapon:
8012FDCB 0001 

Activate Fusion Cannon:
8012FDCF 0001 

Activate Chronoscepter:
8012FDD3 0001 

Activate Quake Mode:
801205EE 0010 

No limits:
801205EC 0008 

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the "Enter Cheat" screen. Then, start a game and pause. Now enter the cheat menu and set each enabled code as desired. All cheats entered can be saved after reaching a save point.

The Big Cheat

Enter "NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK" as a code. This will enable invincibility, all 
weapons, unlimited ammo, infinite lives, full map, big head, level skip, and warps 
(Long Hunter, Mantis, T-Rex, Campaigner). 

All weapons

Enter "CMGTSMMGGTS" as a code. 

Infinite ammo

Enter "BLLTSRRFRND" as a code.

Infinite lives

Enter "FRTHSTHTTRLSCK" as a code.

Flight mode

Enter "LKMBRD" as a code. This will allow you to fly; press R or L to move up or 

Pen and ink mode

Enter "DLKTDR" as a code. This will make the graphics black and white line art, 
similar to a sketchbook. 

Disco mode

Enter "SNFFRR" as a code. This makes colors flash on screen and the animals 
and people dance.

Spirit mode

Enter "THSSLKSCL" as a code. This enables invincibility with slow-moving 

Quack mode

Enter "CLLTHTNMTN" as a code. This makes the graphics and game animations 

Greg mode

Enter "GRGCHN" as a code. This enables credits, big heads, all weapons, and 
infinite ammunition.

Robin's cheat

Enter "RBNSMTH" as a code. This enables credits, big heads, all weapons, 
infinite ammunition, and invincibility.

Dana's cheat

Enter "DNCHN" as a code. This makes all enemies smaller.

Show enemies

Enter "NSTHMNDNT" as a code. This shows the enemies as red arrows on the 

Purdy colors

Enter "LLTHCLRSFTHRNB" as a code. This makes the game environment appear 
in rainbow colors after the next cut-scene or using a teleport-portal. 

View gallery

Enter "THBST" as a code. This allows enemies to be viewed, scaled, and rotated 
in 3D.

Display credits

Enter "FDTHMGS" as a code.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Water Glitch

Go under water and put on the flight mode. Flight mode is:LKMBRD. Then come out of the water and you can hear the underwater music even though you aren't in water!

Go Through Walls

To go through walls you must have flight mode. Flight mode is: LKMBRD an you put it on and you can go through walls and the ground!

Glide Down Stairs

To glide down stairs, reach the top of the stairs and then get to the very edge of where the stairs go down. Then jump to the ceiling of the stairs and hold the jump button down, you should be stuck to the celing and you can move down while stuck to the ceiling and it looks like you are gliding!

Secret Moves

Side dash

Quickly tap Strafe Left or Strafe Right twice, and Turok will do a quick hop and a 
slide to the left or the right. 

Air jump

Run or drop off of a ledge. Then, the instant Turok begins to fall, press Jump. 

Fully powered arrows

Instead of rapidly firing one arrow after another, always count to two before 
releasing the trigger button. This way, the arrows will fly straighter and further. 

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