Twisted Metal: Head On Extra Twisted Edition Cheats & Codes


Hold L1+R1 then press Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Up.

Infinite Health

While playing hold L1+R1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up

Killer Weapons

During gameplay (when driving) hold L1 and R1 and press X, X, UP, UP. An on screen message will say killer weapons on.

Trade Weapons For Health

While playing, hold L1 and R1 then press triangle, x, square, circle.

Mega Guns

Hold R1 and L1 and press X, Triangle, X, Triangle.

Infinite Weapons

While driving hold L1+R1 and press Triangle, Triangle, Down, Down.

Land Mine

Right, Left, Down.

Twisted Metal: Head On Extra Twisted Edition Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Picking A Vehicle

Picking a vehicle is easy, pick one that fits your style. If you like going fast pick a vehilce like Twister or Spectre. If you like a lot of armor pick a vehile like Hammerhead or Sweet Tooth. But be warned, if you pick a fast vehicle you may die quicker, and if you pick a armored vehicle you may not be able to catch the fast ones. My personal favorite is Sweet Tooth

Easy Way Of Killing Tower Tooth

First get a lot of weapons and full health. Then find a ramp and go up. Make sure there are 2 sides to it. When Tower Tooth comes by... shoot him. Now stay far back to where he cant hit you. so when he drives away, he will come back.... shoot. Just keep doing this and he will die soon.

Twisted Metal: Head On Extra Twisted Edition Unlockables & Awards

Gold Tooth

Complete lost story mode on hard.

Unlock 12 Pac

Beat Twisted Wetal Lost on median.

Unlock Hammerhead

Beat the Tokyo rooftops mini game in 2 min.

Unlock Mr. Slam

Beat the LA Woods mini game in 2 min.

Cousin Eddy And ATV

Defeat Cousin Eddy in the LA Cousin Eddy level.

Mr. Slam

Complete the LA mini game (which is in one of those garages for the bulldozers.)

Unlock Hammerhead

Complete the Tokyo rooftops mini game on story mode.

Unlock Crimson Fury

Complete the Monaco mini game on story mode.

Unlock Axel

Complete the Russia mini game on story mode.

Unlock Transylvania In Deathmatch Mode

Complete the mini game at Transylvania on story mode.

Dark Tooth

Complete story mode with all upgrades.

Play As Tower Tooth

Complete Story mode on hard difficulty.