Two Worlds II Cheats & Codes

Bonus Code Passwords

Go to the "Bonus Code" menu and enter any of these codes to unlock the corresponding effects.
  • 6770-8976-1634-9490 : Anathros sword
  • 1775-3623-3298-1928 : Axe
  • 4149-3083-9823-6545 : Dragon scale armor
  • 3542-3274-8350-6064 : Elexorien two-handed sword
  • 6231-1890-4345-5988 : Hammer
  • 9122-5287-3591-0927 : Lucienda sword
  • 6972-5760-7685-8477 : Scroll bonus map
  • 3654-0091-3399-0994 : Two-handed hammer
  • 6624-0989-0879-6383 : Luciendar Sword
  • 1797-3432-7753-9254 : Labyrinth Level
  • Cheats: Quest Items

    Create the_taint
    Sprosse der Heimsuchung
    Create orc_armour
    Orc camouflage armor
    Create Qitem_008	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_009	Grom totem
    Create Qitem_012	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_013	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_015	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_028	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_031	The key to the grave of the king
    Create Qitem_032	Satrius Crown
    Create Qitem_038	Insect egg
    Create Qitem_040	Large pack of food
    Create Qitem_042	Small pack of food
    Create Qitem_045	Anti-Taint Inspection Device
    Create Qitem_051	Key to the caves of Tharbakin
    Create Qitem_061	Ancient key of the dwarves
    Create Qitem_063	Cure
    Create Qitem_070	A Dwarven Contraption
    Create Qitem_071
    Translate Item
    Create Qitem_072	Report of the Excavations
    Create Qitem_073	Key - Excavations
    Create Qitem_096	Merchants' Association Package
    Create Qitem_104	Underpants
    Create Qitem_111	Letter
    Create Qitem_112	Whiskey
    Create Qitem_128	Necrowonder against Orcs
    Create Qitem_136	Depoisoner
    Create Qitem_146	Order for armor
    Create Qitem_154	Summon Spider Figurine
    Create Qitem_157	Arrows for Rigwell
    Create Qitem_161	Beautiful flower
    Create Qitem_165	Love Potion
    Create Qitem_174	Wilcor's Braid
    Create Qitem_175	Catapult trigger
    Create Qitem_181	Compass
    Create Qitem_191	Moon Eye crystal
    Create Qitem_204	Throglin Statue
    Create Qitem_214	Falsification
    Create Qitem_221	Moonshine
    Create Qitem_225	Archmage Earth Staff
    Create Qitem_234	Family ring
    Create Qitem_241	Hangman's Rope
    Create Qitem_242	Voodoo doll
    Create Qitem_255	Engagement ring
    Create Qitem_264	Magical mirror
    Create Qitem_270	Red dress
    Create Qitem_271	Key to the temple in Ashos
    Create Qitem_272	Blacksmith's Will
    Create Qitem_273	The mayor's medicine
    Create Qitem_278	Magic Dust
    Create Qitem_286	Letters of the poet
    Create Qitem_292	Soldier armor
    Create Qitem_295	Poison
    Create Qitem_296	Medal
    Create Qitem_303	Necklace of the wife
    Create Qitem_304	Family heirloom piece
    Create Qitem_353	Necromancer poison

    Cheats: Alchemy

    ing_02	Hemlock
    ing_03	Screama Badilla
    ing_04	Bloatroot
    ing_05	Hot Rot
    ing_06	Spurge
    ing_07	Ostrich Plumes
    ing_08	Blue Eye
    ing_09	Adder Brother
    ing_10	False Shoes
    ing_11	Flagelle
    ing_12	Lavender
    ing_13	Tongues
    ing_14	Paturin
    ing_15	Swordleaf
    ing_16	Traveller's Joy
    ing_17	Centaurium
    ing_18	Saffron
    ing_19	Northern Frostroot
    ing_20	Forest Burnhand
    ing_21	Foxglove
    ing_22	Diptame
    ing_23	Eagleclaw
    ing_24	Friend to Foe
    ing_25	Anemone
    ing_26	Might of Nine
    ing_27	Mountain Breed
    ing_28	Aconite
    ing_29	Angelica
    ing_30	Arborusia
    ing_31	Rabbit Bladder
    ing_32	Beaver Fat
    ing_33	Goose Liver
    ing_34	Unicorn Horn
    ing_35	Dodo Feather
    ing_36	Viper Poison Glands
    ing_37	Grass Snake Tongue
    ing_38	Rattle Snake Rattle
    ing_39	Foodball
    ing_40	Pearl
    ing_41	Spider Gland
    ing_42	Scorpion Poison Gland
    ing_43	Trachidis Egg
    ing_44	Dragon Scale
    ing_45	Wolf Heart
    ing_46	Bear Claw
    ing_47	Boar Tusk
    ing_48	Wyvern Lacrimal Gland
    ing_49	Ripper Muscle
    ing_50	Zombie Thyroid
    ing_51	Werewolf Spinal Core
    ing_52	Skeleton Bone Marrow
    ing_53	Ghoul Brain
    ing_54	Demon Eye
    ing_55	Winged Demon Eye
    ing_56	Headless Heart
    ing_57	Earth Elemental Crystal
    ing_58	Wing Membrane
    ing_59	Meat
    ing_60	Fox Liver
    ing_61	Sulfur
    ing_62	Salt Crystal
    ing_63	Quartz Crystal
    ing_64	Garnet stone
    ing_65	Chalk stone
    ing_66	Amber
    ing_67	Diamant
    ing_68	Rubin
    ing_69	Opal
    ing_70	Azurit
    ing_71	Blood Stone
    ing_72	Magnesite
    ing_73	Sand Rose
    ing_74	Glowing Earth
    ing_75	Byrill
    ing_76	Topas
    ing_77	Silver
    ing_78	Yellowroot (grene)
    ing_79	Yellowroot (red)
    ing_80	Yellowroot (blue)

    Cheats: Magic

     School of Air Magic
    magic_lighting	Thunderbolt
    magic_heal	Healing
    magic_bless	Bless
    magic_destroyundead	Destroy Undead
    magic_push	Shock Wave
    magic_concentration	Concentration
    Shield of Magic
    magic_regeneration	Regeneration
    magic_lightingshield	Lightning Shield
    magic_push_wave	Concentric Shock Wave
    magic_aid	Aid
    magic_summon_air_elemental	Summon Air Elemental
    magic_lightingstorm	Lightning Storm
    magic_strengthofgod	Strength of God
    magic_resurrection	Resurrection
    School of Water Magic 
    magic_icebolt	Icebolt
    magic_confusion	Confusion
    magic_summon_reaper	Summon Reaper
    magic_freezingwave	Freezing Wave
    magic_shadow	Shadow
    magic_iceshield	Ice Shield
    magic_summon_spider	Summon Spider
    magic_iceray	Ice Ray
    magic_unsummon	Unsummon
    magic_summon_wyvern	Summon Wyvern
    magic_protfromfire	Flame Shield
    magic_summon_scorpio	Summon Scorpion
    magic_blizzard	Blizzard
    magic_summoningaura	Summoning Aura
    School of Fire Magic
    magic_firebolt	Firebolt
    magic_firewall	Firewall
    magic_overpower	Overpower
    magic_summon_minion	Summon Minion
    magic_fireball	Fireball
    magic_firering	Firering
    magic_fireshield	Fireshield
    magic_firespray	Firespray
    magic_firefield	Firefield
    magic_summon_hellwarrior	Summon Hellwarrior
    magic_firewave	Firewave
    magic_chaosrage	Chaos Rage
    magic_summon_devil	Summon Devil
    magic_meteor	Meteor
    magic_summon_hellmaster	Summon Hellmaster
    School of Earth Magic
    magic_spikes	Spikes
    magic_chains	Chains
    magic_rustweapon	Rust Weapon
    magic_ironskin	Ironskin
    magic_magichammer	Magical Hammer
    magic_rustarmour	Rust Armour
    magic_summon_stonegolem	Summon Stonegolem
    magic_stonewall	Stonewall
    magic_adamantium	Adamantium
    magic_summon_irongolem	Summon Irongolem
    magic_eruption	Eruption
    magic_ivy	Ivy
    magic_earthblessing	Earth Blessing
    magic_reflectionshield	Reflection Shield
    magic_summon_adamegolem	Summon Adamegolem
    School of Necromancy
    magic_poinsonblade	Poisonous Blade
    magic_corpseconversion	Corpse Conversion
    magic_bonearmour	Bone Armour
    magic_summon_skeleton	Summon Skeleton
    magic_poinsondart	Poisonous Dart
    magic_deadhands	Deadhands
    magic_poinsonshield	Poison Shield
    magic_summon_archer	Summon Archer
    magic_poinsoncloud	Poisonous Cloud
    magic_disease	Disease
    magic_leechaura	Leech Aura
    magic_summoun_ghoul	Summon Ghoul
    magic_necropower	Necropower
    magic_auraofdeath	Aura of Death
    Magic boosters
    magic_boost_damage	Damage Booster
    magic_boost_time	Timer Booster
    magic_boost_mana	Mana Booster
    magic_boost_level	Level Booster
    magic_boost_summon	Summoning Booster

    Cheats: Potions

    Mana Potions	 
    create potion_mana_01	Small mana potion
    create potion_mana_02	Medium mana potion
    create potion_mana_03	Large mana potion
    Healing Potions	 
    create potion_healing_01	Small healing potion
    create potion_healing_01	Medium healing potion
    create potion_healing_01	Large healing potion

    Cheats: Relics

    create Relic_00	The relic
    create Relic_01	Relic with earth element
    create Relic_02	Relic with water element
    create Relic_03	Relic with earth and water elements
    create Relic_04	Relic with fire element
    create Relic_05	Relic with earth and fire elements
    create Relic_06	Relic with water and fire elements
    create Relic_07	Relic with earth, water and fire elements
    create Relic_08	Relic with air element
    create Relic_09	Relic with earth and air elements
    create Relic_10	Relic with water and air elements
    create Relic_11	Relic with earth, water and air elements
    create Relic_12	Relic with fire and air elements
    create Relic_13	Relic with earth, fire and air elements
    create Relic_14	Relic with water, fire and air elements
    create Relic_15	Relic with all four element stones

    Cheats: Power Ups

    create art_add_electric10	Lightning damage + 10 %
    create art_add_electric20	Lightning damage + 20 %
    create art_add_electric50	Lightning damage + 50 %
    create art_add_poison10	Poison damage + 10 %
    create art_add_poison20	Poison damage + 20 %
    create art_add_poison50	Poison damage + 50 %
    create art_add_fire10	Fire damage + 10 %
    create art_add_fire20	Fire damage + 20 %
    create art_add_fire50	Fire damage + 50 %
    create art_add_spirit10	Shock damage + 10 %
    create art_add_spirit20	Shock damage + 20 %
    create art_add_spirit50	Shock damage + 50 %
    create art_add_cold10	Cold damage + 10 %
    create art_add_cold20	Cold damage + 20 %
    create art_add_cold50	Cold damage + 50 %

    Other Cheat Codes

    ec.dbg iamcheater	+ 1.000 to all parameters
    ec.dbg levelup	Level up
    ec.dbg skills	Makes all skills available
    ec.dbg addskillpoints	Adds skill points
    ec.dbg rep	Reputation increases +1 at all clans
    AddExperiencePoints	Additional points of experience
    AddGold 1000
    Adds 1000 gold
    create MO_HORSE_01	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_02	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_03	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_04	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_05	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_06	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_07	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_08	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_09	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_10	Creates a horse
    create MO_MUTARI_01	Creates a Mutari
    create MO_MUTARI_02
    Creates a Mutari
    create MO_MUTARI_03	Creates a Mutari
    kill	Kills the opponent at your point of view
    resetfog	Uncovers the map for the hero
    time 0-256	Sets the time

    Cheats Console

    Open the console with the "^" (caret) or "1/2" (half) keyboard key and enter: "twoworldscheats 1" to turn on cheats.

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