Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue Cheats & Codes

Unlock All Rangs

Start - start - y - start - start - y - x - b - x - b - and then all the rangs are unlocked!

Unlock All Technorangs

Enter the following: Left,Right,Left,Right,Y,Y,Y,B,Y,B.

Unlock Elemental, Aquatrang, Swim And Dive Rangs

Enter the following: left, right, left, right, Y, Y, B, B, Y, B.

Get Unlimited Health

Enter the following: L, R, L, R, Y (x4), X, X.

Open The Gallery

Enter the following: Left button, Right button, Left button, Right button, Y, Y, A, A, Z, B, Z, B.

Show Objects

Enter the following: Left button, Right button, Left button, Right button, Y, Y, X, B, B, X, Z, Z.

How To Get 100,000 Opals

While playing press Start, Start, Y, Start, Start, Y, X, A, X, A. Instead of the "start" button, you can also try the "pause" button.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Gold Paw

It`s 20,000 opals at Trader Bob`s. It doubles your health.

3000 Opal Bag

If you look around at the beginning of cass run you'll find a 3000 opal bag.


When you get to Patchy first hit his head with your rangs a couple times. Then he`ll have a spike tail that makes shock waves. Jump over the shock waves then hit the tail a couple of times. His back will then shoot out homing missles. dodge the missles the onc youve hit his back about 3 times your done.

Boss Cass

Go to the plane at the headquarters where you start after returning to the game. Talk to the bird and get on the plane. Watch the whole video. When on the cass level, kill the frills behind the lazers first that way you dont die by lazers. Then kill the rest of the enemys. When you get to cass himself, The first steap is stay away from the advanced nanobots but using your lock on (R) or ty vision (L) shoot cass with the lazer. But dont worry if you fall just hold down a and there is a platform benieth the battle one and you can get helth and a ride back up to cass. then after he beats the groud like a gorilla, punch his back. I will let you judge if this is the final step or not but for this step as soon as he is done shooting lava rocks at you, puntch his front of his battle ship.

Frill Spys

There are little Kawala construction workers standing everywhere. If you are armed with the Inferang or the X-rang then they stand out like a sore thim. They charge twards you and they look like a frill in a construction suit. Shoot them and find all 25.

Hidden Cog

Ride in the forbie (truck) and go to the beach. once you get off the forbie, go straight ahead going over any obsticals like umbrellas and killing any frills (lizard things) there are. Go into the Water and then dive under. Swim between the shore and the island and somewhere around there there is a cog!

Crocs In The Cages!

In The wetlands, hit croc`s with your rangs to put them in the cages.

Find Boonie

Boonie is in the santcuary at buramudgee.

Hidden Bilby

Go to Southern beach once its opened dive in the water and swim past the warhouse searching behind the warhouse youll find the hidden bilby.


All Bunyip Liscences are 5000 opals.

Gooboo Map

The mysteryous anomolies map is the gooboo steve map.

Get Frost Ring

Buy it at the ring shop for 2000 opals.

Get Megarang

You can buy it at burumagee for 6000 opals.

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