Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Cheats & Codes

All Items Are Marked With Vertical Lines

L, R, L, R, Y, Y, X, B, B, X, Z, Z.

All Technorangs

Press L, R, L, R, Y(3), B, Y, B during game play.

Unlimited Health

Quickly Press L,R,L,R,Y(4),X(2) at the "press start" screen.

Aquarang, Elemental Boomerangs, Dive And Swim Abilities

Press L, R, L, R, Y(2), B(2), Y, B during game play.

Show Objects

Press L, R, L, R, Y(2), X, B(2), X, Z(2) During game play. The locations of hidden opals, Bilbies, Golden Cogs, Rainbow scales, and Thunder eggs will be shown with colored lines from the sky. (Opals and Rainbow scales with a green line, Golden Cogs with a gold line, Thunder Eggs with a puple line, and Bilbies with a whitish line).

Unlock Gallery And Movies

Quickly press L, R, L, R, Y(2), A(2), Z, B, Z, B at the "pres start" screen.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get A Zoomarang

When you have 15 golden cogs jump of the bridge slowly and go to the lab and go the symbol of golden cogs and press y and he will give you zoomarangs.

How To Get To Boss Cass And Defeat Him

Get your Zappyrang and go to the Rainbow Cliffs area and go to a door. Aroud there, there will be a generator. Hit the generator with your Zappyrang and the door will open. Inside there will be a portal, go to it and beat it all. When you are done you will go to the mouth of Boss Cass's robot. Then take out your Frostyrangs and freeze those machines that throw fire at you. After you have freezed them bite them.Bite all of them and then hit the door thats metal that is near his shoulder. Then take out good boomerangs like the Flameorang and hit the long tubes. You have to hit each one 2 times. Then when you are done Sly will pop out of the front and will give you the Doomerang. Then shoot at the green light cooming from the robot's neck and you will be driving the boomerang. Go all the way to the end and you would have defeated.

Easy Kills

If you have the Multirang and have to fight a group of Frills, run around in circles while throwing all of your boomerangs at once.


Collect thirty golden cogs to unlock the Infrarang.


Collect twenty golden cogs to unlock the Multirang.


Collect ten golden cogs to unlock the Zoomerang.

Ending Bonus

Successfully complete the game with all cogs, eggs, and opals collected for a 100% completion to unlock a bonus level and an extra FMV sequence after the ending credits.

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