Tzar Burden of the Crown Cheats & Codes

Other Cheat Codes

To use these codes, press enter, and type the code starting with "hm":
hmcont : 	Increase health of selected units by 5
hmspy :	See what units see
hmhunt :	Kill all animals on map
hmdemo :	Start demo
hmnofog :	Remove fog
hmspawn  :	Spawn unit
hmthreads :	Show map coordinates
hmdiscover  :	Remove Unit
hmtime <1-20>  :	Set time of day
hmgive :	Give player 1000 gold
hmmap :	Show name of current map
hmprettypleasewithsugarontop : 	Use Cheats in Multiplayer
hmnext :	Warp to the Next Map of the Current Campaign
hmshowgrid :	Show map grid
hmtimer :	Show game clock

10k Of Each Resource

Press Enter and type: hmdvaleva

Command Enemy Units/buildings

Press Enter and type: hmusurp

Find Cheaters

Press Enter and type: hmischeater

Enable All Tech

Press Enter and type: hmnotech

Super-fast Build

Press Enter and type: hmbuildozer

Population Growth (up To 1k)

Press Enter and type: hmnopop


Press Enter and type: hmresign

Invulnerable Units

Select units, press Enter and type: hmgod

All Resources + 50,000

While in the game press enter to make chat coloumn appear then write in it "hmpetleva" and you will get 50000 wood 50000 gold 50000 stone 50000 food.

Units Cant Be Killed