Um Jammer Lammy Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Customized Lyrics And Notes

Load the game, then immediately reset the PlayStation when Lammy appears at the title screen. Then allow the game to reload, and a new menu will appear next to Lammy's guitar at the title screen. Use those options to customize the lyrics and notes.

Special Menu

Successfully complete all levels in the game, including the Lammy and Parrappa levels. Then, select the "Special" option at the title screen to display a new menu that allows all music to be played while all game characters are dancing under your control.

Parappa And Lammy Two Player Levels

Successfully complete all of the bonus Parappa levels.

Bonus Parappa Levels

Successfully complete the game, then return to the level selection screen. Press Right until the bonus Parappa levels appear.