Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Rapid Fire In Wild, Wild, Wild West

This one is really very easy. While playing Wild West, Just alternate L & R quickly. You'll have those targets down before he does!!!

How To Get E.T. To Follow You.

Find E.T. by the globe of the world. Shake his hand and walk slow and he will follow you.


Well most people think that this game only has a daytime, but it doesn`t. You can enable this rare nightime mode where you can find Chilly willy almost everywhere you have to complete 5 atractions. You`ll notice the day has became sunset. After sunset most peaple on the game will say "I still have to see the Hollywood magic show" or "the hollywood magic show is starting."

Easier Points

While walking around the park, pick up trash and throw it away to get 20 points for each peice you pick up. The more you find and pick up, the more points you get. Trash bins are scadered but one is near the E.T. Ride.

Easy Points

Repeatedly watch the Waterworld Show to get 100 points each time.

Attraction Mode

Get all eight stamps, then talk to Woody Woodpecker near the globe. Select the magic show when you talk to him. Allow the credits to finish, then return to the title screen. The option for attraction mode will now be unlocked.