Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easier Way To Level!

Okay, so you're trying to get to 20, but you don't want to do catacombs or quests, because it takes to long. So, every time you level, restart the story and only go to the part where the Overseeyer , and resart the story. In just that time, you're guarenteed to gain atleast half a level or more every time!

Best Races

The best Races to be would ither be a Druid or a Alchmist, cause when you level up for the knight and beserker you just learn different ways to swing you're sword, but with the alchmest or druid you learn different typs of magic attacks, plus with an alchmist at level 10 you can buy the ability to summon a golom to assist you in battle, it starts off weak but just keep upgrading it and it will help out alot.

Keep Geting Lost?

Keep geting lost? Well there is an easier way. Do you keep noticing your stuck in a maze? Well you just simply save the game and take one path, if you notice it is wrong, just go to Exit and then go to Load game and take the correct path.

Never Die

When you see your character falling to the ground press start and the option save and return to Aven is crossed out so press exit. It takes you to the main menu and you can save your game there. This will enable you to keep any good items that you found.

Level Up Easy

After you made a character, level him/her for a while and then restart the story. You will still have all your equipment and be at the same level. Now you can get to level 20 before you leave Aven!

Defeat Shadowed Kaylee

After the Shadow God infects Kaylee, you have to chase her into the 2nd level of the Eastern Catacombs. Save in front of her. It is almost impossible to defeat her at close range combat. The way to defeat her is with throwing weapons because with close range, she runs way to much to keep up with her. So just use throwing weapons so she stays in one spot. This will eventually kill her. P.S. Try to bring lots of health & power potion


If you are on a hard level and you cant get past a certain part, go to start, and save so if you die you will go to the point of which you saved it so you dont have to go back to the beginning of the level.

Save Up

When you level up, save alot of your points for when you get to level 20. There are many spells you will need powered up to beat the game, like tempest(summon a warrior as an ally).

Rope Location

Although you will see many holes and spend hours looking for a rope to get down them, you won't need the rope until later in the game; when you get the rope, you will know it.

Locate Woman In Secret Catacombs

Since the levels are randomly generated, the location of the woman will be different for each player. Expect to locate her after the red skull/boss fight where you will get you're first adventure book. To locate her easier, hold R and press Square until you get a full map on your screen, then look for a green or blue exclamation point; that is the woman you are looking for.

Forgotten Catacombs Location

The Forgotten Catacombs are located behind the counter in the Inn.