Urban Chaos Cheats & Codes

Level Up

While playing this game, if you want to finish this level and play next level without finishing the level which you are playing press Esc+Enter+Up. This will help you to change level.

Cheat Codes (in-game)

Enable cheat mode, then resume the game. Press one of the following keys while 
playing a game to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Create light			L
Execute game effect		[Keypad 5]
Exit game			[F3]
Explosive barrel		R
Move forward 10 feet or onto ledge	G
Orange fog			[Keypad 3]
Pause			'
Rain ripples			W
Random vehicle		E
Select game effect		[Keypad 7]
Slow motion			[Semicolon]
Smoke trails			>
Spawn weapons		[F12]
Stealth debug mode		/
Toggle clouds		[F11]
Toggle enemy view		[
Toggle enemy view		]
Toggle enemy view 		P
View car paths		Q
View coordinates grid		J
View game statistics		[Ctrl]
View pedestrian walking areas	I

Cheat Codes

Press [F9] to display the console window. Type "bangunsnotgames" to enable 
cheat mode and invincibility. Then, enter one of the following codes at the 
console window to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Play as Officer D'arci		darci
Play as Roper		roper
Level completed		win
Level lost			lose
Explosion cluster		boo
Fluorescent green graphics	cctv
Music select		world
Set ambient light		ambient [red] [green] [blue]
Set fog fade level		fade [number]
Toggle Crinkles		crinkles
Advance to indicated game point	telw [number]
Save a waypoint on map		tels
Return to saved waypoint		telr

Urban Chaos Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


When fighting, try to grap the scum and throw it on the floor and quickly arrest him (Done by pressing foward + punch (grabs), then action button (throw) and action again (arrests). This will decrease the chance of you get hurt.


When you receive a submission when you are already in a mission, try to do it first because many of the submissions hold items or info that will help you in the main mission.

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