Valhalla Knights 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Defeat Strong Hostia Easily

YOU WILL REQUIRE A BOW AND ARROWS AND A CHARACTER WITH A LV 20 THEIF AND AT LEAST FIVE OTHER PARTY MEMBERS : First make sure your thief has the skill "taunt". When you go into battle, make sure your playing as the thief. If you activate the skill taunt, all hostia will target you. Simply run away in circles while shooting arrows (watch out for Wolves, Claws, and goblins). Your party should follow the hostia and kill them without receiving damage because there all targeting you.

Unlock Fortmas

To unlock the town fortmas and unlock the machine race follow these instructions. First accept a mission by a man named Hoffs. The mission brief goes like this- There is a hostia behind a locked door in confines. Retrieve the key from it. Second go to mount Filebui and there is a area with three yeti. Further down is a door. Head through and explore. There you will find a monogolith. The code for mendelle caves is square, triangle, circle, circle.
Once in mendelle caves head to end to coffiness. Once in confiness head to Fortmas port. Once in fortmas port explore a little and kill all machines until one drops SECURITY ALPHA. Once you have that use escape card.
After you complete the quest head back to fortmas port. Explore until you find an area with stairs going down. Head all the way down to the door. It will lead to fortmas. Once there talk to everyone then use escape card. A new mission should show up. NEW SECRET ROUTE. If not then a mission asking you to go to hellfort to look for a friendly machine (Hellfort is right after Fortmas). If you complete this mission ace a machine race will join you. Then the secret route mission will show up.

Job Cards

In order: Enchanter-Senobia river or Mount Filuebi
Anchor: At the end of Bardon chapel
Knight: Bardon Chapel
Samurai: End of Monster Realm
Ninja: End of Monster realm.

Level Up The Right Way

To level up in this game you have to level up the different job classes. For example my characters levels are Fi. 15 Theif. 15 Monk. 15 Mage. 15 Priest. 15 Ancor. 20 Knight. 20 If you balance your characters levels for all job classes your character will be stronger.

How Much Extra Teammates Cost

if you are planning to buy extra teammates, it first costs 500g. It increases 500g every time you buy another one.