Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

Start the game with the "-console" command line parameter. Press 
~ in single player mode to display the console window. Then, enter one of 
the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Enable God mode			god 1
Disable God mode			god 0
Infinite ammunition			freeammo
Add experience to selected character		xp [number]
Add money to entire party		cash [number]
Awaken, fully heal, and fill blood
 pool of selected character		revive
Using disciplines cost no blood		freecasting
Selected character gains two ranks in 
 all disciplines			addalldisciplines
Spawn specified item			addthing [item name]
Remove money from entire party		dropcash [number]
Disable enemy and party AI		ai
Open personal vault from anywhere		vault
True death with no revive			killme
Display scene information		totals
Display advancement window		advancement
Display frame rate			framerate 1
Hide frame rate display			framerate 0
Set maximum frames per second		maxfps [framerate]
Shapeshift into indicated creature		shapeshift [creature number]
Shapeshift back to normal		shapeshift
Freezes body, but can still travel		freeze
Sort inventory items; also works in vault	pack
Location stats			whereis
Poison yourself			poisonme
Stake yourself			stakme
Disease yourself			diseaseme
Damage yourself			damage me
Frenzy yourself			frenzyme
Pause game				pause
Resume game			resume
View ending credits			endgame
Emit attack from character's feet		emit [attack number]
Jump to indicated location		jump [level name]
Unknown				aitrace
Unknown				particles
Unknown				heads
Unknown				loadpath
Unknown				savepath
Unknown				say
Unknown				statustest
Unknown				changescene
Unknown				advance
Unknown				changechronicle
Unknown				getcls
Unknown				combatmessages
Unknown				scaleme
Unknown				embraceme
Unknown				*aura
Unknown				camtest
Unknown				setsoak
Unknown				getchronflag
Unknown				setchronflag
Unknown				clearchronflag
Unknown				netstat
Unknown				read
Unknown				shell
Unknown				roomtype
Unknown				autoswitchtest
Unknown				enemycount
Unknown				throwgib
Unknown				setdetect
Unknown				sethide
Unknown				hands
Unknown				stcmd
Unknown				team
Unknown				maxopenedlocs
Unknown				noitemstatchecks

Level Names

Use one of the following entries with the "jump [level name]" code. Enter a space followed by a number after the name of a level to advance to a specific waypoint. For example, "jump AnezkaRoom 2". Note: The game will auto-save after changing to a new level. This may also prevent the game from completing normally. Convent ConventDay OldTownDay SmithyDay Inn4StagsDay JudithBridgeDay University StThomas GoldenLaneDay UnornaDay EastGate EastGateNight OldTown Smithy Inn4Stags JudithBridge Unorna Haven PetrinHill PetrinHillDay AnezkaRoom NQuarter PragueCastle PrinceBrandl GoldenLane DummyNorthQuarter DummyNorthGate DummyNorthQuarterGate SilverMines SilverMines2 SilverMines3 SilverMinesNight Monastery Monastery2 Monastery3 ArdanChantry ArdanChantry2 ArdanChantry3 ArdanChantry4 JosefTunnels JosefTunnels2 JosefTunnels3 VysMountain