Vexx Cheats & Codes

Super Jump

Go to Options, select Cheats and enter "XXEVOGOP"


Go to Options, select Cheats and enter "XXEVMOOZGNAB"

Level Select

Go to Options, select Cheats and enter "XXEVERUTUF"

Vexx Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Combination To The Chest

For those who don't have a manual, the combination is A , B , X.

Get The Flight Suit

Go to Dragonreach, go up the dinosaurs tail, and go to the left of where you go on those poles and jump on the sun pad. Go around the tower and you will find it.

Reach High Places

You can jump higher than normal if you press the button to do a flare kick at the height of your jump.

Sumo Wrestler

The Sumo has two moves...The first is a charge and the second is where he draws you near him, which you need to avoid at all costs. You need to attack him during his Charge move. When he gets in the stance keep on moving and make sure he misses you...Is if he does he will hit the edge of the ring on the tip of his feet. From here run to him and slash him out of the ring...Just wait for this move, keep on moving and never stop.

Rapid Blade Punch

If you held down the X button on an enemy you could keep on hitting the enemy with your blade nonstop. This is a good method to fill up the gage in the upper right corner for combo moves.

Claw Slam

Press X and then pull the L trigger. Vexx will jump and slam his claw into the ground.

Super Move

Fill up the gauge in the upper right corner by killing enemies with combos. Once it's full and flashing pull the R trigger to activate Vexx's "super move".

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