Viper Racing Cheats & Codes

Long And Low Car

Go into options and select hacks. Then type in exotic and you will see a bar in the area that says exotic. Select that box and have fun with this exciting car.

More Money

Select "Options", Select "Hacks". Type "getdamoneyfast".

Get Lamborghini

In options choose "hacks" then type "morepowerthebetter"


Go into hacks type "Morphene" and your car wont break down.

Make Your Car Swim in the Lake

First you have to be in the water then push the wheelie button down and keep it down and your car should swim.

Viper Racing Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Glitch:Flying Van

Go into Options, select the Hacks tab, and choose the plane. Then go into the graphics tab, and turn down detail level down to two bars. Then start a race, and the plane will not have any wings, but it will still fly.

Easier To Land Plane

Go to options, select hacks, then choose the plane. While you are in a race, press "A" to make the front of the plane go down, press "Z" to make it go