WALL-E Cheats & Codes


Enter STEALTHARMOR as a code.

Gives Wall-e Goggles

Enter BOTOFMYSTERY as a code.

Different Color Laser Blasts

Enter RAINBOWLAZER as a code.

Makes All Tracks Gold

Enter GOLDENTRACKS as a code.

Makes All Cubes Explosive

Enter EXPLOSIVEWORLD as a code.

Lights Dark Areas Of The Game

Enter GLOWINTHEDARK as a code.

Makes Other Robots In Area Die Painfully

Enter BOTOFWAR as a code.

Unlock All Features

Enter WALL-E, AUTO, EVE, SECURITY BOT as a code.

Unlock All Content

Enter M-O, AUTO, SECURITY BOT, EVE as a code.

Make Wall-e Invincible

Enter WALL-E, MO, AUTO, M-O as a code.

Get Super Blaster

Enter WALL-E, AUTO, EVE, M-O as a code.

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