WALL-E Cheats & Codes

All Multiplayer Costumes

Enter ZPM, WALL-E, M-O, Auto as a password to unlock all multiplayer costumes.

WALL-E And EVE Always Have Laser

Enter ZPM, EVE, M-O, WALL-E as a password.

EVE Always Has Super Laser

Enter EVE, WALL-E, WALL-E, Auto as a password.


Enter WALL-E, M-O, Auto, M-O as a password.

All Holiday Costumes

Enter Auto, Auto, ZPM, ZPM as a password to unlock all holiday costumes.

All Bonus Features

Enter WALL-E, Auto, EVE, ZPM as a password to unlock all bonus features.

Multiplayer Maps

Enter Eve, Clean 'N Go M-O, Wall-E, Target.

Infinite Health

Enter Wall-E, Clean 'N Go M-O, Target, Clean 'N Go M-O.

Wall-E Always Has Laser

Press Wall-E, Eve, Eve, Wall-E.

Cube Any Time

Enter Target, Clean 'N Go M-O, Target, Clean 'N Go M-O for infinite cubes.

Bonus Features

Enter WallE, Target, Eve, Car as a code.

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