Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! Cheats & Codes

Play A Special Battle Mode Game As Wario

Enter 6565 as a password.

7th Level Boss

To get to the 7th level boss, type in 7110 as a passcode. the 7th boss is a knight. you can only hurt him when he spins his sword.the last two times, he throws his sword and you have to hit him when he does that.

Secret Level

Enter in either 5454 or 5656 as a code.

Secret Password

Go to password and put in 4622 for Bomerman and 2246 for Wario. This password will give you KICKS, DASHIN, TROUSER, and CART. You'll also have a few bomb bigger and multiple bomb. NOTE: this code will start you out at level 1.