Warriors: Legends of Troy Unlockables & Awards

Unlobk Big Head Mode

To unlock "Big Head Mode", you just need to beat the game.


  • "Twentieth" Blood! : Kill 20 special enemies.
  • No Mercy! : Perform 20 Finishers.
  • A Lot of Blood : Kill 50 enemies while in Fury.
  • What a Waste... : Miss all of your attacks while in fury.
  • I Love Items! : Buy 10 items.
  • Bless You : Collect a Blessing.
  • From Paris with Honor : Defeat Menelaos in a duel for the hand of Helen.
  • They See Me Rollin', They Hatin' : Perform a rolling Quick Attack on an enemy from behind.
  • First Blood! : Kill a special enemy.
  • First Action Hero : Defeat an enemy hero.
  • Denied! : Perform a parry on an enemy's parry in a duel.
  • I'm Just Getting Started... : Kill 1000 enemies.
  • There's No Escape! : Kill a fleeing enemy by throwing a picked-up weapon.
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