We Ski Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Find the Hard Orientating Points

To start orientating, go to the place where the lodge is. You will see an old guy moving around a lot, talk to him and he will explain what orientating is.
Control point 1: Go to the top of fox way. Go to the far right you will see a big hill. Go down the hill slowly. On the right you'll see a guy standing there, talk to him. To find the oldest guy, Andy, go to the eagle sight course. Turn around, and you should see him way up at the top of the hill.
There's a guy who isn't specific with what he says by saying a couple words. To find him, go to the top of bear claw and camel hump. Go to the left and down the side, you will see a cave, go into the cave and you will see him on the right of the second entrance.
The ninth control point: Go down deer step, you will see a ramp go a little further than the ramp. You might see it but if you don't it's a little "driveway" in the side of the course. Side step up the "driveway" and you should see him at the top.
Control point 10: Look at the "secret run"cheat. I recommend you "plow" the whole course. Keep following the course till you see a cave. When you're in the cave you will see a fork (split) in the cave take the left way. You will see him sometime on the left I think. Once you are done talking to him you end up where you saw the control point 9 guy.


On the map click on lions point. (the slope with a picture of a lion) When you arrive at lions point, go to the little danger sign (Which is located behind you when you first arrive) and then ski to the right. You will then see a bell. You can ring the bell by running into it.

Secret Run

Go to Elephants stage then turn left before you go on the run towards deerstep and owls nest. Before you reach either one turn left towards a big old tree. There you'll see a man with info. Ski down the run and have fun.