Wild Arms Cheats & Codes

Temple Of Memory

After you have your party, but before you lose the Tear Drop, go to the Temple Of Memory. Enter the name "Emiko" when needed. There will be two Creast Graphs and a Magic Parasol inside.c

Wild Arms Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Duplicate Any Item

There are 2 ways to duplicate items. The fast way and the slow way. Slow Way: To duplicate an item to 255, you should but don't have to order your characters from Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia, but you can. Get into a battle with strong or weak enemies. Have the first character use a heal berry. Then have the second character switch the place of the heal berry and the item to be duplicated, then have that person defend. Have the thrid character also defend. The item to be duplicated should disappear from the inventory. Do the same thing for the next round and the item you want to duplicate will have 255 next to it. Fast Way: To duplicate an item in one round, have the first and second person use a heal berry. Have the third person switch the place of the heal berry and the item to be duplicated, then defend. Check your item inventory and you should have 255 of the item that was duplicated. NOTE: You can even duplicate weapons, armor, and RUNES!! But be warned, if you do the code and are attacked and you counter, YOU WILL LOSE THAT RUNE FOREVER!!

Multiple Items

This trick works when only one of the item to be duplicated is present. Enter a battle and perform the following actions:

1. Have the first character (typically Jack) use a healing item, such as a berry or 
2. Have the second character (typically Cecille) also use the same healing item. 
3. Have the final character (typically Rudy), exchange the positions of the healing 
item and the item to be multiplied in the inventory. Then, have Rudy use the 
healing item. 

After winning the battle, the inventory will contain 255 of the item that was multiplied.