Wild Wild West: The Steel Assassin Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Sword Fight

When you're on the En Garde level with Artemus Gordon, and you enter the door onto the stage, hell give you a sword and challenge you to a sword fight. When the sword fight starts, make Artemus walk backward across the stage. When he gets to the other side of the stage, there will be some ropes on the wall. Click on the ropes, and you will beat the level.

Combination Puzzle

When you're at the dock in the night-time level, and you get into the guard house, there is a peice of paper under the dead potted plant which is on the shelf that says RD LAE RHI. That is the safe combination. RD means Right 5. LAE means Left 15. RHI means Right 89. That will open the safe.

Get Out Of There

When you are in the basement of the hose and the bad guys start shooting, walk over to the hairpin thingy and pick it up. Then walk up the stairs and to the door. Select the pin to be in your hand and click on the the things that hold the door. They are all the way on the left. Then click on the door and you will leave the house.