Winning Eleven 4 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


To unlock this team, you have to finish the American cup with the Brazil team.

Listen To Play-by-play Commentary In Training Mode

If you are tired of listening to the always repeated drums in training mode, pause the game. Select "Audio Settings" and turn off the play-by-play option. Resume the game, then pause again. Select "Audio Settings" and turn on play-by- play. Return to the game and you will hear Jonh Kabira (locutor).

Bonus Stadium

Win the Konami Cup on any difficulty setting to unlock the Clubhouse stadium in exhibition mode.

Bonus Teams

Successfully complete the game with all the league and cups on the hard difficulty setting. Then the European All-Star, World All-Star, Classic European All-Star, and Classic World All-Star teams will be unlocked.

Bonus Cup

Successfully complete the game with all the cups.

Old Japan Team

Successfully complete the Olympics with Japan.