Wipeout 3 Cheats & Codes

Link-up Mode For Four Players

Load the game on two linked PlayStations. Select "Options", then "Game Setup", then "Default Names", and "Default Name Player One". Change the default name on both PlayStations to "LINK". If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash. Then, choose the new "Establish Link" selection on the options screen on both PlayStations. Note: The first PlayStation to enable this option will be set as the master, and the other PlayStation will be designated the slave. Select the number of players (up to two per PlayStation), then choose a single race or eliminator mode (on the master PlayStation). If a single race was selected, choose a class and track. Select a vehicle to start the race.

Hitting Side Of Track Slows Down Vehicle

Enter "NOWHEELS" as a default name.

Change Blue Turbo Triangles To White

Enter "BEBEDEE" as a default name.

Unlock Tournaments

Enter "BUNTY" as a default name.

Four Prototype Tracks

Enter "CANER W" as a default name. Alternately, successfully complete all tracks with all teams in single race mode. Then, select the new "Prototypes" option on the main menu.

Infinite Random Weapons

Enter "DEPUTY" as a default name.

Infinite Shields And Thrust

Enter "GEORDIE" as a default name.

Infinite Hyperthrust

Enter "MOONFACE" as a default name.

All Challenges

Enter "THEHAIR" as a default name.

All Teams

Enter "AVINIT" as a default name.

All Circuits

Enter "WIZZPIG" as a default name.

Phantom Class

Enter "JAZZNAZ" as a default name.

Wipeout 3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Overide auto-pilot

At a junction, press Left or Right to override the auto-pilot if it is active. 

Avoid wall damage

Switch to the auto-pilot any time before hitting a wall. If done in time, there 
will be no effect from the collision.

Game Music

Play track two and higher of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game.

Easy Link Mode

At the main menu, hold Start and enter the options screen. The "Establish Link" option will appear.