Wipeout Pure Cheats & Codes

Daxter Pack

Circle, Square, X, Triangle

Socom Fire Team Bravo Pack

Triangle, Circle, Square, X

Socom 3 Pack

X, Triangle, Circle, Square

Jak Racing Pack

Square, X, Triangle, Circle

Wipeout Pure Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Turbo Weapon

Do not use the Turbo weapon before flying over a speed-up pad. A speed-up pad doesn't make you go as fast as a Turbo, so if you use one before you fly over a speed-up pad, you'll slow down to the speed of the pad, making the Turbo worthless.

Barrel-Roll Boost

While in the air after any jump tap Left, Right, Left, Right to do a barrel-roll. Not only will you look cool but you will also get a speed boost upon landing

Quick Start

When starting a race, press X when the announcer says "Go!" to get a boost. Note: For the boost when the race begins, you can be about one second off before you can get a boost start.


Win a track with a gold medal. Then, enter your profile menu and select "Progress". Highlight the track that was completed with a gold medal and press X.

Classic Mode

Win a gold medal on each track in single race and tournament mode in four classes to unlock four classic tracks. Win a gold medal on all tracks in all five classes to unlock the classic tournament in all classes.

Zone Team

Finish with a gold medal on all Zone tracks (Pro Tozo, Mallavol, Coridon 12, and Syncopia) to unlock the Zone Team.

Ascension Tournament

Finish in first place on all Beta Tournament tracks to unlock the Ascension Tournament.

Beta Tournament

Finish in first place on all Alpha Tournament tracks to unlock the Beta Tournament.