Witchaven 2 Cheats & Codes

Cheat Mode

While playing press Backspace then enter any of the codes below and press Enter.
Code Effect

MARKETING god mode
WEAPONS all weapons
ENCHANT enchant weapons
SPELLS all the spells
SCARE casts scare spell
NIGHTVISION cast night vision spell
NUKE cast nuke spell
FREEZE casts freeze spell
MAGICARROW casts magic arrow spell
OPENDOORS cast open doors spell
FLY casts flight spell
FIREBALL casts fireball spell
POTIONS all the potions
STRENGTH drink strength potion
HEALTH drink health potion
CUREPOISON drink cure poison potion
RESISTFIRE drink resist fire potion
ARMOR adds armor
KEYS all the keys
INVIS invisibility
LEVELx warp to level X
NOBREAK disables weapon breakage
SHOWMAP shows full map
000 to experience