World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks Cheats & Codes

Level Passwords

Use the following steps to create your own password. First, select the base 
password for the desired level:

Level	 	Password

Cape Canaveral 	_BB_BCBBB 
Ginza* 		_BB_BDBBB 
Sicily* 		_BB_BDBBB 
Detroit 		_BB_BFBBB 
Greece 		_BB_BGBBB 
Monaco 		_BB_BHBBB 
Red Square 		_BB_BJBBB 
St. Petersburg 	_BB_BKBBB 
Rome 		_BB_BLBBB 
Castle Mendheim*	_BB_BMBBB 
Atlantis* 		_BB_BMBBB 

The first blank "_" is used for the difficulty setting, except for the cities marked 
with an asterisk "*", which is explained below. The second blank "_" determines 
the tank to be used, from the following values:

Easy	Normal	Hard 

H 	K 	M 
B* 	D* 	G* Ginza 
V* 	X* 	Z* Sicily 
P 	R 	T 
S 	V 	X 
M 	P 	R 
G 	J 	L 
Z 	C 	F 
D 	G 	J 
X* 	Z* 	C* Castle Mendheim 
R* 	T* 	W* Atlantis 

Tank		Letter

M1A3 		V or B 
FLP-E 		W or C 
Rhino 		X or D 
Titan 		Y or F 
Marauder 		Z or G 
Dragon fly 		H 
Wraith 		J 
Manticore 		K 
Scorcher 		L 

For example, to play on the Atlantis level under the hard difficulty setting with the 
Rhino, enter "WBBFBMBBB" as a password. To play on the same level and 
difficulty setting with the Wraith, enter "WBBJBMBBB" as a password.

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