World Series Baseball 2K2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Pick Off Runner At Any Base

When there is a runner on base repeatedly throw to that base and eventually the runner will overslide the base and just walk over to him and tag him out. Also if there are two runners on if you pick one player off throw to the other base/s and the runner will be be standing around the base, so run over and tag them out.

Stealing Bases Easly

While a runner is on base make him lead off right before the pitcher is ready to pitch it like when he let's go of the ball repeatly press the X button on your controller he will be able to steal 2nd, or third easly you got to be quick.

Pitching A No Hitter Game

Pick any pitch. Then move the white dot down out of the strike zone, but don't go down too far it may be a ball. Players hardly ever swing at pitches this low. You would be surprised at how many stikeouts your pitchers will have.

Change Computer Pitched Shutouts

Go to your schedule screen. Press X to get the list of games and start times. When you simulate computer played games, and one of the teams pitches a shutout, you can simulate it again, until both teams score. You can also play games over when you or your opponent are shut out.

Hidden Options

At the team selection screen, press X to display an options screen that allows you to change such things as the difficulty, weather, stadium, and time of game.

Reset The Count

While batting with a runner on any base, have the runner attempt a steal. Either go through with the steal or send him back. Quickly press Y before the view returns to your batter to reset the count to no balls and strikes.

Intentional Walk

After you select your pitch, move your cursor away from the batter and press Y.

Bean The Batter

After you select your pitch, move your cursor towards the batter and press Y.

Harder Swing

Before the pitcher makes his selection, press R. When the pitch is thrown, your cursor will become small. If you hit the ball it will either be a home run, or a very hard hit.

Easy Homeruns

Use the cursor and put it exactly in the low middle.