WTF: Work Time Fun Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy $50

Set the system date to your birthday. Make sure the day and month match the date that you set as your birthday in the game's profile. Load the game and do two jobs. You can do any job, but loading a job then exiting it does not count. You must play it until getting a game over. Go back to the main menu, and check your email(s). One of the subjects is "Happy Birthday". Read that email. It says that for your birthday, you will get $50. Exit the email. The $50 will be added to your cash. Delete the email. Quit the game, change the system date's year to something else and start the game. Repeat these steps to get another $50. Do not forget to delete the email each time and change the year in the system settings. You can get lots of money this way very quickly.

WTF: Work Time Fun Unlockables & Awards

Ballpoint Pen Recycler

Make 1,000 mis-assembled pens.

Candy Maker With A Magazine Appearance

Make 50 pieces of candy.

Freak Demonstrator

Work more than 10 times

Soaking Satan

Fall into a river 10 times.

Weekend Fisherman

Get paid $10.00

Neighbor Mushroom Hunter

Play Musroom Xing more than 10 times

Mushroom Land's Mushroom Hunter

Gather more than 70 mushrooms total

Undercard Wrestler

Make the audience happy in 3 Count

10 Cliff Racer Wins

Ten total wins in Cliff Racer

A Kind Of Silly Bishop

Make $0.50 in a single game of Bishop's Game

Modestly Silly Bishop

Make $1.00 in a single game of Bishop's Game

Terribly Silly Bishop

Make $2.00 in a single game of Bishop's Game

Distinguished Silly Bishop

Make $3.00 in a single game of Bishop's Game

Anarchy Bishop

Fail 30 times in Bishop's Game

Ballpoint Pen Manager

2,000 total pen assembly in Pendamonium gam

Ballpoint Pen-robo

Momento of Incentives exceeding $20.00 in Pendamonium game

Fledgling Chick Sorter

Complete Chick Sorter the full 10 minutes 5 times.

Rubber Arm Security Guard

Knock out 10 people in one shot while playing Bouncer Bash

Village Demonstrator

Bring 300 people to the park at once in Demonstrator

Legendary Demonstrator

Make over $12.00 at once in Demonstrator

Chick-yakitori Sorter

Send 20 live chicks to Heaven in Chick Sorter

Professional Chick Sorter

Sort 1,000 chicks or more with a greater than 99% accuracy in Chick Sorter

Copy Cat Beginner

Complete lvl 4 of CopyCat

Neighbor Demonstrator

Taking 200 people to the park at once in Demonstrator

Luncheon Copy Cat

Play during lunch time

Little League Player

Catch 50 balls in Baseball Superstar

Enaki Mushroom Hunter

Complete stage 5 of Mushroom Xing

R.p.s. Asian Division Champ

Qualify in Asia preliminaries on Rock Paper Scissors Game

50 Cliff Racer Wins

Win 50 total times in Cliff Racer game

William Ogre Tell Off

Hit an ogre 3 times in a row in William Tell game

Intern Teacher Ogre Nanny

First part-time job as Nanny on Ogre Disguised baby sitter game

Hot Oven Potter

Heat higher than 300 degrees in Hell Potter game

Cool Potter

Heat lower than 300 degrees in Hell Pottery game

Ballpoint Pen Assistant Manager

1,000 total pen assembly in Pendamonium game

Golf Ball Pickup Pro

Gather only golf balls in Caddy's Quest game

Rookie Cliff Racer

Win 10 total races in Cliff Racer 2000

Wimpy Player

Get a game-over on the 10th ball in Baseball Superstar

A Kind Of Silly Lunatic

Earn more than $0.50 in 4 Fingers

Modestly Silly Lunatic

Earn more than $1.00 in 4 Fingers