WWE Day of Reckoning Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Brawl With The Referee

In the match face towards the referee and keep hitting him with heavy moves and he will get up and give you a stunner and start beating you up.

Climbing Ambulance

Go to a Survivor Series Arena and go to the stage and go left. You will see an ambulance and you can climb it and jump off it.

Wrestle As Brutus

Successfully complete the WWE Sunday Heat's dark and televised matches. You will get promoted to either WWE RAW or WWE Smackdown, and a message will confirm that you have unlocked Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.

Wrestle As Andre The Giant

Successfully complete the WWE Developmental levels. You will get promoted to WWE Sunday Night Heat, and a message will confirm that you have unlocked Andre The Giant.

Extra Created Wrestler Strike Combos

Successfully complete all three tutorials to have the ability to get up to nine strike combos for created wrestlers.

Extra Created Wrestler Points

Successfully complete the game to get 800 CAW points to use on created wrestlers. Also, win the Dark Matches and get to Sunday Night Heat to get 400 CAW points to use on created wrestlers.

CAW Entrance Templates

01: Goldberg 
02: Ultimo Dragon 
03: Hulk Hogan 
04: Scott Hall 
05: Scotty 2 Hotty/ Grandmaster Sexy 
06: (fists next to crotch then lifts up arms as HHH does on apron, but on stage) 
07: (does the Outsiders sign and poses like Orton does on stage with hands out) 
08: Raven 
09: Brock Lesnar 
10: Bradshaw (not JBL) 
11: Matt Hardy (v.1) 
12: Kevin Nash 
13: Jeff Hardy 
14: (Bends down and lifts arms in a jumping stance) 
15: Stacy Keibler or Billy Gunn 
16: (Walks regularly into ring and looks around) 
17: Scott Steiner 
18: D-Von Dudley/Buh Buh Dudley 
19: Goldust

The Undertaker's Motorcycle And Stone Cold Buggy

Successfully complete the Raw segment of story mode to unlock The Undertaker's motorcycle and the Stone Cold buggy.

Wrestle As Bret Hart

Finish the season by winning your match at WMXX to unlock Bret Hart.

Extra Money

Successfully complete tutorial mode to win either $6,000 or $9,000 to use in the ShopZone.

Play As A Train

You must hold all title belts for this cheat to work. At the Create-A Wrestler screen enter the name: Baldo Bloom.

WWE Day of Reckoning Unlockables & Awards

Andre The Giant

Beat WWE Development in story mode.