WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role Cheats & Codes

Nation Of Domination

Go to the Create A Stable mode on the main menu. There, you will see all the tag teams and stables on the game. Find an empty stable. Type in "Nation of Domination" as the stable's name. Enter Farrooq, Viscera, D-Lo Brown, and The Rock as its members. Choose your own entrance moves and music. You should come out, in a tag match, as Nation of Domination.

The Brood

Go to Create A Stable mode on the main menu. There, you will see all the tag teams and stables on the game. Go down the list until you see any open stable. Type in the name as "The Brood." Either put Jeff and Matt Hardy and Gangrel in the stable or Edge and Christian and Gangrel in it. Come out to Gangrel's music and come out as Normal 1. You should come out in a tag team match as "The Brood."

WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Edit A Player's Moves

After creating a player just go to MOVES at the selection screen. When you get there you can edit what moves the player can have and what ring appearance and entrance they have.

Raw-is-War 2001 Commercial

1. Play through season mode
2. Play to the 3rd year
3. Play to the 4th week of March

There will be a commercial of any popular match then.

How To Get Smackdown Cards

1. Go through the whole entire season mode.
2. Make sure you have unlocked EVERYTHING.
3. Make a created wrestler named B.B.C.

Rock And Sock Connection

Go to creat a stable creat a team called rock and sock connection set movie as Rock's and move as rock and socko then you have the Rock and Sock Connection.

Create Blade

Go to "create a superstar" mode on the main menu. Make Blade's eyes brown. Pick hair 008, make his hair color black,(just put down the brightness to 24). Next, pick glasses 006 and put the britness down to 120. Go to upper body next and (choose standard, on standard go to original) and pick upper model 059. For the lower body do the same in parenthesis for upper body and pick lower model 075. Pick his music Gangrel and put his height as you see fit. NOTE: This code will not work unless you have got the extra parts in season which you should have in 2 years.

Change Weapons

Press R1 to pick up a weapon. Then throw it out of the ring, and go outside the ring. Get close to the ring and press R1 while facing the ring. Your wrestler will grab another weapon from under the ring. You can keep repeat this until getting the weapon of your choice.

Climbing A Great Hit

while playing smackdown in go to lobby and go to the 2nd floor there at the last you will see a soda machine, go running towards that machine and it will climb on that machine and your opponent cannot hit you and have a great smashing fall from there, you can also do that in the room at the left of the gymroom at the same floor.There you can see a cupboard and climb on it.

Play TLC Match Without Unlocking It:

1. Pick "Exhibition".
2. Pick "King of the Ring".
3. Pick "Special Tournament".
4. Pick Jeff Hardy (Does work with other wrestlers)
5. Now, once in a while you may have to play a TLC match as the King Of The Ring is for Special Matches and TLC is random.
Note:(Sometimes this may work if the TLC popup) 

More Points On Ironman Match

If you want more points on an ironman match simply have one of your special move dots. Work him/her over long enough that you can use your special move and get a ko, then when you get a ko pin your opponent for another fall. Repeat steps until you win and you probably will if you do this correctly.

Hidden Shower Room Area

Go to the locker room and Irish Whip your opponent into the right wall. This will create a large hole on the lower right side of the locker room that leads to the shower room.

How To Get Up From Any Finisher

When someone is trying to do a finisher just press L1.

Slide Out Of The Ring

If you run towards the ropes and hit the square button you will slide right out of the ring (just run at the ring if you want to slide back in).

Fire Extinguishers

To use fire extinguishers as weapons, you have to go to the lobby or the hallway the V.I.P room is in and irish whip your opponent into the fire extinguisher case. A bell should ring and a fire extinguisher should pop out!

Secret Weapons In Shower Room

Go to the shower room. When you enter go to the locker and Irish whip your opponent on it then you should get 2 canesand 2 microphones.

Gettin A Mop In The Resturant

Go to the Resturant in the arena. Run in the room [which you can`t] next to the soda machine and you`ll be in there for one second. Then you come back with a mop.

Get Secret Weapons In Kitchen

1. The first weapon to get in the kitchen are some plates. To get them, you have to go next to the stack of plates in the front of the room and click R1. Note you have an unlimited supply of plates. 2. The second weapon to get in the kitchen is a giant mop. To get it you have to run in the hole in the top left corner of the kitchen. Note this will only work once.

Fight In Shower Room

First you will have to go to the locker room. Then Irish whip your opponent between two of the pipes in the right side of the room. This should make a hole in the wall letting you in the shower room. You can even take a shower!

Get Out Of Hell In A Cell

To get out of the cell, you have to notice the four doors in the cell, one in each side of the cell, then run to any of them and right when you are about to bounce of the ropes, press square. You should brake through the door and jump outside. Then you should be able to use the doors as weapons. Then if you want to climb to the top of the cell , from outside you just run to any of the walls of the cell. You then will climb to the top and be able to fight up there. Good Luck!

Use The Forklift

Go into the room next to the "shopzone" and out the door to the far left you should se a forklift their and to use it press R1 and to hit your opponent press triangle at a distance. If you knock him over it does major damage. This only works for "hardcore" or "fall anywhere."

Take Away Our Oppoent's Finisher

To take away our opponent's finisher do this, make sure you and your opponent have at least one finisher. Then when your opponent is dazed push L1 and when you are doing your finisher hold R1 and square and X and as soon as you land let go. And your and your opponent's finisher will be gone!

Bring Out Socko

While fighting in any match, pick Mankind and while the match is going on. Hold L2 and press left or right arrrow button. To socko back press the same thing.

A New Number One Contender

At the main menu screen, go to "Ranking" Click Re- Enter. Click on whatever superstar is before you. Ex.if you are Kurt Angle and your at number 3, and Shawn Michaels is at the number two spot, re- enter Shawn Michaels into another belt, and you become the Number One Contender. NOTE: You cannot re-enter the champion.

Secret Weapons

1. Go to the stairs and throw your opponent into them. 2. You can use the tables anytime. 3. In the back, throw your opponent into the shopzone.com stand. 4. Go in the room with the VIP door, throw him into the drink machine a soda will pop out.

Take Less Damage

To avoid full damage from your opponent's trademark finisher, press L1 when your opponent is doing his special. You will lose your special, though.

Hidden Trash Bin Weapon

Go to the dressing room and Irish Whip your opponent into the trash bin. This will reveal another three weapons that can be used.

225 Ability Points

To get 225 ability points for your created wrestler set the following characteristics: Weak Neck, Weak Waist, Weak Elbow, Weak Knee, and The Iron King.

Buried Alive Match

To compete in buried alive matches, you must do 50 years of a season with any superstar on the medium difficulty. (You are allowed to skip any match.)

Hidden Chair Weapon

Go to the lobby and Irish Whip your opponent into one of the tall grey "stands" that holds the "Shopzone" sign.

The 6th Year Secret

Play season mode through and get to the Wrestlemania for year 5. If you win the main event there, you will unlock all secrets.

Get Up From Any Finisher

In order to get up imediately from any finsher, do the following: As soon as your opponets bar flashes "SMACKDOWN!" imeediately press L1, this will sarifice a dot but you will then get up, break the pin, or break the submission hold depending on the move.

Hidden Hammer Weapon

Start a match in Hardcore or Anywhere fall. Get out of the ring. Go in the room next to the Shopzone sign. Once you are in run towards your left. Your character will go in and come out with a hammer. NOTE : You cannot repeat this.

Become WWF Champ Easily

Royal Rumble Champion [Exhibition mode]. In the Royal Rumble, thorw the WWF champion over the top ropes and win with that character. You will automatically become WWF Champion.

The Alliance

To make the Alliance go to create a stable and click on new stable and name it the "Alliance" and add Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Debra, And stone cold Steve Austin to the stable. Set the movie to Stone Cold and the moves to normal 1.

Use The Ringsteps As A Weapon.

When you fight in a match where your allowed to fight with weapons you could use the ringsteps as a weapon. First you have to irish-whip your opponents into the steps which shoud knock them out of place. Then go next to them and press R-1. You should pick them up.

Get Some Weapons

Telephone: Go to the upstairs and whip your opponent into the telephone.

Dumbell: Go to the locker room and whip your opponent into the dumbell thats to the left.

Big Painting: Go to the VIP room and whip your opponent into the fireplace.

Fight In Boiler Room

At the end of hall by the parking garage there is a door. Whip your opponant into it and it will make a hole and you can get in.

Get Out Of Cage In Cage Match (NOT HELL IN THE CELL)

This codes works best on 2 players. You and your opponent must clim up the same side of the cage at the same time, when you get to the top of the cage quickly press X at the same time. You and your opponent now may fight out-side of the cage. To get back in the cage just press triangle.

How To Hurt People Bad In TLC & Ladder Matches

Irsh whip your opponant into a place ladder. It will fall on to them and stay on them for about five seconds. Then launch yourself from the top turnbuckle to cause more damage.

Rock Bottom Through Table

Put opponent on table and press left circle for a rock bottom through a table!

All Bonus Features

Complete Year 6 in season mode to unlock all hidden features.

Wrestle As Stone Cold Steve Austin

Play through season mode and get to the WWF Backlash event during Year 1. Steve Austin will be on the show as the special second referee for the main event. Win the match to unlock "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Finishing Moves

When SMACK DOWN comes across the T.V screen, quickly press L1

Wrestle as "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn

Play through season mode and get to the King Of The Ring event during Year 1. Billy Gunn will show up during the PPV and may be in the tournament or the main event. After the event, "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn will be unlocked.

Wrestle as Cactus Jack

Play through season mode and at WWF Smackdown before the No Way Out event during Year 1, Cactus Jack will return and will fight Triple H on the card starting a feud. Cactus Jack will fight Triple H at No Way Out in a Hell In A Cell match. After the event, Cactus Jack will be unlocked.

Wrestle as Debra

Play through season mode and at WWF Raw after Royal Rumble during Year 1, Debra will appear backstage. Later in the event she will ask Vince McMahon to be in the Beauty Contest at the event. After the event, Debra will be unlocked.

Wrestle as the Mean Street Posse

During season mode the Mean Street Posse will be shown backstage making a plan to beat someone up during an event, or will talk to Shane McMahon and have a handicap match against someone. Peat Gas, Rodeny, and Joey Abs will be unlocked after the event.

Wrestle as Michael Cole

Play through season mode and at WWF Raw after WrestleMania during Year 1, Michael Cole will be unlocked.

Wrestle as Mick Foley

Play through season mode and at WWF Smackdown before the WrestleMania event during Year 1, Mick Foley will return. He will be on the card in the main event at WrestleMania. After the event, Mick Foley will be unlocked.

Wrestle as Shawn Michaels

Play through season mode and get to the WWF Judgment Day event during Year 1. HBK will be the special guest referee for the main event. Win the match to unlock Shawn Michaels. You may also have to fight him in an Iron Man Match at Judgment Day.

Wrestle as Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco

Play through season mode and get to the Fully Loaded event during Year 1. The stooges will have an argument during the event and then will be unlocked after the event ends. They may be at the next event if not at Fully Loaded.

WWF New York backstage area

Play through season mode and at the beginning of December during Year 1, Michael Cole will introduce you to WWF New York and the restaurant will officially be open.

WrestleMania 2000 commercial

Play through season mode and get to the fourth week of March.

Unknown's CAW parts

Play through season mode and a random CAW guy named "Unknown" will walk by you backstage, later in the event you may have a match with him. After the event, his CAW parts including clothing and moves will be unlocked.

Tornado Tag Table match

Play through season mode and The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz will start a feud beginning with a Tornado Tag Table match. This usually happens a couple months into the season during Year 1.

TLC match (Single and Title)

Play through season mode and sometime after the King Of The Ring event during Year 1, Edge and Christian will have a match against The Dudley Boyz. But Christian will be injured and unable to wrestle, so they will make the match a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. After the event, Single and Title TLC matches will be unlocked under "Special" in exhibition mode.

D-Generation-X appearance

Wrestle as either Road Dogg or X-pac in a tag match and they will appear as DX; or play as Triple H and X-pac and they will appear as DX.

New Age Outlaws appearance

Wrestle as either Road Dogg or Billy Gunn in a tag match and they will appear as the New Age Outlaws.

Radicalz appearance

Create a Stable with Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, and Eddy Guerrero. Set their music as "Chris Benoit" and their movies as "Normal 1". When two of these wrestlers appear in a tag match together they will appear as the Radicalz.