X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Cheats & Codes

All Unlockable Heroes

At the Team Management menu, press Right, Left(x2), Right, Up(x3), Start.

All Comics

Enter in review menu - Right, Left(2), Right, Up(2), Right, Start.

All Game Cinamatics

Enter in review menu - Left, Right(2), Left, Down(2), Left, Start.

All Characters At Highest Level

At the Team Management menu, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Up, Left, Right, Start.

All Powers

At the Team Management menu, press Left, Right, Left, Right, Down, Up, Start.

All Skins

At the Team Management menu, press Down, Up, Left, Right, Up(x2), Start.

God Mode (No Health Or Energy Loss)

While playing the game, enter Down, UP, Down, Up, Right, Down, Right, Left, Start.

Super Speed

While playing the game, enter Up(x3), Down, Up, Down, Start.

Xtreme Tokens Always Full

While playing the game, enter Left, Down, Right, Down, Up(x2), Down, Up, Start.

All Courses Unlocked

While in the Danger Room, enter Right(x2), Left(x2), Up, Down, Up, Down.

Extra Tech Bits

Enter in the shop menu, Up(x3), Down, Right(x2), Start.

Touch Of Death

While playing the game, press Left(x2), Right, Left, Right, Up, Start.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Professor Xavier

To get Xavior just is complete all danger room missions

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Unlockables & Awards

Team Bonuses

  • Any 4 heroes with AoA skins : Age of Apocalype: +100% attack rating
  • Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Toad, Deadpool : Agile Warriors: +5% XP
  • Juggernaut, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Toad : Brotherhood of Evil: +5% XP
  • Juggernaut, Colossus, Wolverine, Rogue : Bruiser Brigade: 20 Energy gained per knockout
  • Deadpool, Rogue, Wolverine, and Gambit : Dark Past Team: 5% damage inflicted to health
  • Cyclops,Jean Grey, Gambit, Rogue : Double Date-20 Health per KO
  • Gambit, Bishop, Cyclops, Iron Man : Energy Corps: +5% damage
  • Magneto, Professor X, Scarlet Witch, Juggernaut : Family Affair: +5 health regen
  • Storm, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Jean Grey : Femme Fatale: 5% damage inflicted goes to health
  • Storm, Iceman, Sunfire, Magneto : Forces of Nature: +10 to all resistences
  • Colossus, Juggernaut, Iron Man, Magneto : Heavy Metal: +10 to all Stats
  • Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Bishop : New Avengers: +15% max health
  • Nightclawler, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Sunfire, Bishop : New X-Men: +15% max health
  • Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Magneto, Toad, Professor X : Old School: +15% Max Energy
  • Iceman, Professor X, Iron Man, Deadpool : Raven Knights: +60% techbit drops
  • Bishop, Deadpool, Nightcrawler, Gambit : Special Ops: +5% damage
  • Unlock Iron Man

    To unlock Iron Man you must first collect four homing beacons from each act, then go to the "home" location. There will be a portal there, enter it and fight your way through to one of Iron Man's items. When you collect all of them you unlock Iron Man.

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