X-Men Legends Cheats & Codes

Unlock Extreme Gear

At the main screen press Up(2), Right, Left, Down(2), Start. If you entered it correctly you will see extreme gear pop up on the screen.

X-Men Legends Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Jean Grey

When Jean Grey uses her telekinetic lift, hold R+A, and you can control where the enemy goes. Boost up Jean's flight so she can pick up her teammates and take them across challenging areas.

Kill Enemies Faster

To kill your enemies faster u should use Iceman. He can freeze or slow down your enemies while you and your team can knock the heck out of your enemies...this works especially on bosses and the last level fighting Magneto, the Sentinels, and that psycho path Kinkaine or whatever.

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