X-Men Origins: Wolverine Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

An Easy Way To Beat The Second Burning Man

Wait until he throws his fireball, then grab him and press square, square, square, triangle, triangle. When he gets up, grab him and immediately repeat the process until he dies. Note: Don't let him charge up his fireballs.

How To Beat Deadpool

There are three locations where you have to fight Deadpool the lab, the tower, and outside. When you fight him in the lab you will injure him to a certain extent then he will leave and heal, this process will go on a few times then you have to activate the radiation by destroying 4 computers this will halt deadpool's healing ability but stop yours as well then deadpool will charge you then use the grapple button to throw him then the circle then stab him with the square button repeat this process until he leaves follow him then use the stab attack again on the tower and then you will knock him off then you can fight him using heavy, light, and grapple attacks then he will heal up completely then you will have to destroy 5 pipes then the generator and you will beat Deadpool and win the game.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Unlockables & Awards

How To Unlock The Weapon X Costume

In the level ''On the Run'' you have a secondary objective to beat called ''hunting the hunters'' where you have to beat 40 enemies. Do this and you will unlock the weapon x costume.

Unlock The Canadian Cabin Costume

In the level "cornered" there is a secondary objective called "fighting blind" where you have to beat zero without using your feral senses do this and you will unlock the canadian cabin costume.

Unlock Movie One

In the level "end game" there is a secondary objective called "anger management" if you beat this objective you will unlock movie one.

Unlock The Bar Brawl Costume

In the level "Bar Brawl" there is a secondary objective called "Brawler" which you have to beat victor creed in two minutes. Do this and you will unlock the bar brawl costume.

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