X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition Cheats & Codes

Infinite Rage

Enter: y, x, x, y, b, b, y, a, a, y and click right analog stick.


Enter: x, a, a, x, y, y, x, b, b, x, click right analog stick.

Classic Wolverine Costume

Unlock the classic wolverine suit, enter this code during game and when you see wolverine and able to move around, once entered to to the main menu and select "classic suit wolverine" here is the code: a, x, b, x, a, y, a, y, a, x, b, b, x, right analog stick.

Double Reflex

Enter: a, a, x, x, y, y, b, b, y, y, x, x, a, a, right analog stick.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


In Alkali Lake after the truck crashes go in the cave and you see a sword with Arhtur on it, with a skeleton.

Ghost Hints

Use feral senses (up on the D-pad) when you're surrounded by ghosts then you will be able to see them. They will be highlighted yellow. Also, just a tip, don't try to lunge onto a ghost. They will shoot you down when you're in the air. If you want to perform a quick kill on a ghost, grab him (B)and press Y quickly. After you press Y, keep tapping it. Do it enough times and you will be awarded the "epic shotgun fail" achievement.

Find The Mutagens

When finding mutagens you should know that they go in order. So you should find all the 1 mutagens before you find any second mutagen. And the same with 2 & 3. If you find a 3rd mutagen and a second mutagen is not found yet that means that you have skipped one in a level.

Ultimate Y Move

When your up against a hard enemy press and hold Y and then release it and when the enemy is in the air press either B and keep on pressing, X and keep on pressing it, or keep on pressing Y. (you can only do one of these at a time) Now for the most ultimate move: use fire claws (RT and B) and press and hold Y and release it and once an enemy is in the air press y to do an awesome killing move.

Going Against a Ghost

When your up against a ghost press b to grab them and keep on tapping y to see a surprise.

Perfect Quick Kill

When you are fighting a tough enemy like machete champion or hunter or assassin beat them up till you see a flash of red light on them, then a quick kill will work the first time.

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