Xenosaga III Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

EXP Versus SP/character Versus E.S.

This game is seriously mis-balanced. E.S. battles give you more SP due to the anima attacks (each character has a seperate gauge) thus giving more chances for SP and EXP bonuses, though aside from bosses, EXP is sparse. Character battles give more Exp though. And thus, less SP. Not to mention the special attack gauge is SHARED by all members (I never boost). Choose wisely where to level, and this game will go a lot easier. And unless you are in a boss fight, using the extra energy turns available from anima use is pointless. You won't start charging your anima gauge again, so it takes longer to gain more finish move bonuses. It's better to guard, then start attacking when you can replace anima. Also keep in mind that anima use restores status.