Yoshi's Island 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Kill an enemy and it will appear in you museum.

Flame Yoshi

When you see a torch, use Yoshi's tongue attack on it, and when you press Y, Yoshi will breath fire for about 3 times. (Note: this will NOT work if you have Baby Bowser on your back.)

Flying Yoshie

There is a way to fly with Yoshi, you have to hold down the B button and as soon as he runs out of strength when he is pushing himself up, you have to let go of it and quickly press it again, you will be able to fly for as long as you want, you just have to do this repeatedly and will soon get the hang of it.

Big Guy On Stilts!

This is how to beat Big Guy. Is it hard to find out the way to beat him? Then listen: When he's close to an edge, shoot an egg. Then, when he is in the air, shot an egg nuder him! Then he will fall in the lava pool and sank onto his body touch the lava. Ground Pound his head, and he will flash, and jump out. After 3 hits, he's going to broke, turn black again, and spit out very much shy guys. You've finished him!

Yoshi's Island 2 Unlockables & Awards

Time Trial Mode

To get time trial mode, get every character's coin.

How To Unlock Minigames

The way to unlock minigames is easy. First you need to find a balloon and a key, shoot the balloon with an egg and get the key. Next you need to find the door that the key goes to. Have fun playing your new minigames.

Slot Machine

Get a total of 700 points in world 5.