Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards Cheats & Codes


For the code of F.G.D with 5000 ATK and 5000 DEF is 99267150. Go to the card store to type it in.

Add 100 Points To Deck Capacity

Enter 98025229 as a code in the machine at the card shop. Note: This can only be done once.

Red Eyes Black Dragon

Red eyes black dragon's code is 74677422.

Harpies Pet Dragon

Go to card shop and put in 52040216.


Go to the card shop and put 02118022.

Big Eye

Go to the card shop and put in 16768387.


Go to the cardshop and put in 00423705.

Sonic Bird

Go to the cardshop and put in 57617178.

Gaia The Fierce Knight

Go to the cardshop and put in 06368038.

Monster Reborn

Go to card shop machine and enter 83764718.


Go to the machine in the card shop and type 77585513

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Go to the card shop and enter 98631139.

Dark Magician

Go to the card shop and type the following: 46986414.

Change Of Heart

At the card shop, type 04031928 on the machine.


At the machine at the cardshop type 50005633.

Battle Ox

Enter 05053103 in the machine at the card shop.


Enter: 64631466 in the machine at the card shop.

5 Pieces To Exodia

Left leg: 44519536
Left arm: 07902349
Exodia head: 33396948
Right Arm: 70903634
Right leg: 08124921

Flame Swordsman

Enter: 45231177 to get the flame swordsman

Play As Baby Dragon

Enter the following code at the card shop to have Baby Dragon: 88819587.

Buster Blader

To get Buster Blader use the code 78193831.

Dark Necrofear

Dark Necrofear 2200ATK 2800DEF code:31829185

Blue Eyes Ultra Dragon

Blue Eyes Ultra Dragon 4500ATK 3800DEF code: 23995346

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Get Cyber Harpie

After you get Obolisk, go to the aquarium. You will meet Mia and another guy she says has ben stalking her. Beat him and go to the toy shop. Talk to Mia and she will give you Cuber Harpie.

Battle Mokuba

After you beat Ishizu and Kaible at the art gallery go to where Mokuba usually is and he'll be outside, challenge him and he will except.

The Last Warrior From Another Planet

To get the last warrior from another plant type in at the machine in the card shop 86099788.

Secret Duelist #1: Magnum

Magnum is this duelist whose deck is full of warrior monsters. To battle him, you need to make it to the Battle City finals, but don't go to the place where that big plane is located. Instead, go to the aquarium and you will see Magnum asking Mai to marry him. Mai will ask you to duel him for her. She also says that if you lose, she will marry him, but if you win, Magnum has to leave her alone (as if I care). Then go to the location where that big plane is and if you beat Magnum, Mai will give you Cyber Harpy. If you go to the big plane before going to the aquarium, Magnum won't appear.

Beat Marik Really Easy

To beat Marik easy all you have to do is buy lots of light and dream cards. Also have your egyptian god cards.

Beating Marik

Although Marik is rather easy heres a way to beat him easyer. Keep defeting duelests and get alot of zenny. (this startigy works the best if you save up money from the bigining). Then buy out the whole card shops cards. Then with all those duelests youve beaten youll have a lot of exsperiunce pionts so put all the good cards in your deck. Make sure to also have Obilisk and Slipher the sky dragon in your deck, There a big help!

Duel Rex Raptor

To duel Rex Raptor you have to win against Esp Roba in the alley. Then you can duel Rex Raptor.

Duel Rex Rapter

In order for Rex Rapter to accept your challenge you must defeat the blond duelist walking by him.