Yu-Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Level Up Moves

Both Hiei and Kurama need to get to at least lv.15 to learn there 2nd move and around 20 to get there 3rd move.

Tournament Mode Guide

Battle 1: Shorin/Use shotgun
Battle 2: Spirit Beast/Use shotgun
Battle 3: Kyukonki/Use spirit gun
Battle 4: Baldock/Use shotgun when you see him
Battle 5: Demon 1/Use spirit gun and spirit punch
Battle 6: Rando/Use shotgun
Battle 7: Genbu/Use spirit gun
Battle 8: Demon 2/Use shotgun
Battle 9: Seiryu/Use shotgun
Battle 10: Gokumonki/Use spirit gun
Battle 11: Suzaku/Punch him and use shotgun
Battle 12: Spider/Use shotgun
Battle 13: Demon 3/Use spirit gun
Battle 14: Helen/Use shotgun and spirit gun
Battle 15: Miyuki/Use shotgun
Final Battle: Toguro/Run around and use shotgun
(Note: If these hints don't work, beat your enemies the way you did in story mode.) I hope this hint helps you.

Beat 4th Saint Beast (Suzaku)

Here are the directions on how to beat Suzaku: First, start hitting him until he splits into 7 guys. Use shotgun until he's 1 guy again. When you have low health and energy, go to the bottom left and right of the area. You will find power-ups. Repeat. Power-ups will regenerate every few minutes.

Beat Hiei

To beat Hiei, face the top platform and dodge his blasts. When he comes out, hit him with spirit gun. (Note: If you get hit by his blasts, you won't be able to move for a couple seconds and he will get on your platform and hit you. However, when you can move again you can hit Hiei with spirit punch.

Get Spirit Shotgun

To get the shotgun (Yusuke's best attack), you need to beat Rando. Then you will fight Gen Kai. She has all of Yusuke's moves(including the shotgun), and is slow. After that you'll get the shotgun and go off to fight the Saint Beasts.

Locked Areas

To unlock extras mode, beat the game. To unlock minigames mode, beat tournament mode.