Zombie Farm Cheats & Codes

Unlimited Health

Press pause and tap the screen 6 times (do not press a butten)and fake slide the screen to the right then left. If it does not work try again. (CC Note: Unconfirmed)

Zombie Farm Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Get Your Zombies Back

If you are battling and you lose A LOT of zombies just press the home button before the battle ends and get back on yhe game, you wont points that you could have won and you have to wait two more hours to battle but you have your zombies back and next battle your zombies will be super hungry.

Any Fast Crop

Sign out of your gamer acount or if you don't have one keep it like that and don't get back on it it will not work then. First plant what ever then change your time yhat much ahead. The downside you will not have the right time. Hint this works for any other game.